Apple iPhone 5: Complete Rumour Roundup!

Faizan Nizami

It’s that time of year again! No, not when you deck the halls and hang your stockings by the hearth; it’s time to loosen your wallets and spend that cash (which you didn’t on the Galaxy S3!) as the highly-anticipated event is just around the corner. The iPhone 5, or “the new iPhone”, is here, almost.

Last year saw the iPhone 4S turning heads with its voice assistant software SIRI, its iOS 5 coupled with a spectacular camera. The smartphone was an improvement to be sure, albeit a small one. It lacked 4G; a bigger screen and had the same design as that of its predecessor, the iPhone 4. But that couldn’t stop the iPhone 4S to measure up to the expectations of consumers and developers alike.

The next iteration of the iPhone is suited up and ready to please smartphone aficionados, Apple fan boys, music lovers and everyone else in between who waited it out for Apple to prove it’s got what it takes to plough away the competition.

So it says on the invite, “it’s almost here”, and the much-awaited event is to take place at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts in San Francisco. The 12th September event can also witness the introduction of the new iPad Mini plus with some new iPod models, throw in some Mac computers, the Macbook Pro and iMac and voila, an Apple extravaganza to sweep you off your feet.

As the rumour mill churns, the last of these rumours are doing their rounds.

We’ll give you complete roundup of all the rumours that have summed up what the iPhone 5 will mean for us. Looks like Santa’s early this year!

By the way, let us know what you want to see in this new iPhone. What other features you want and what features you’d expect to see on the device.

With just a day to go, here’s what you should be looking out for.

Dock Connector

According to various media reports, Apple hopes to make its connectors smaller for the entire iOS device family. The New York Times earlier said that the new connector could be 19 pins; but French blog Nowhereelse reports that the connector might even be 9 pins; this speculation suggests that Apple seeks to make slimmer devices in the future(could become a company standard with the next iPad release). Nowhereelse also reports that the new phone, plus other devices, will carry this slim port and a possible adapter might be on the anvil to connect the older 30-pin ports to the new 9-pin port.

4G LTE Connectivity

Long-Term Evolution or LTE is a feature one would expect the new iPhone to sport, since it has already had a go on the iPad unveiled earlier this year in March. From earlier experiences with LTE it is an exhaustive implementation as it sucks the life out of the battery, not to mention it requires a bigger chip which in turn requires a bigger phone size. With a slew of slim devices in the market (Galaxy S3 anyone?), Apple won’t be seen around with a bulk around the bezel and a thick waistline.

Owing to Qualcomm’s latest LTE chipsets, the iPhone will definitely be seen garbed in 4G LTE network. And as Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that people “familiar” with the matter expect the new iPhone to run on some 4G LTE networks though not all. And if it comes to that, Verizon, with more extensive reach than AT&T, will be bang for the buck.


Everything about the iPhone’s processor has been smudgy at best. It could be a S5L8950X chip, judging by Apple’s history of bringing in a new chipset for a new iPad and further optimizing it for the new iPhone, or the next- gen ARM powerhouse Cortex-A15, though the latter seems only a probability simply because putting in the latest in processor technology for mass production doesn’t seem to be on Apple’s cards at the moment.

Bigger Screen Size – Finally!

French blog and ETrade Supply both posted a video comparison of what looks like components from the iPhone 4S and the new iPhone prototype. Both comparisons pit the phones side by side thereby confirming the phone with the bigger size has got to be the iPhone 5.

Both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 facing upwards are placed together. The front plates stretch 76.6 mm and 3.6 inches diagonally on the iPhone 4S. The new iPhone goes beyond that to 90.25 mm and 4.06 inches across.

In all probability, the new dimensions call for a bigger, wider viewing experience, laced with 1080p HD videos and spicing it up with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

No NFC??

A Japanese Apple blog, Macotakara, examined what it said was new photos released by, claiming that the chipset was an NFC sensor. But earlier breakdown of the phone shows that no new chip, for NFC or not, was to be found.

Through some speculations it can be stated that Apple might not go in for NFC given the design cost and the design compromise it will entail. Or, we we’ll wait for the September 12 even to unfurl. Who knows what Apple might have up its sleeves!

The New iPhone

According to Dutch blog the new name for the next iteration of the iPhone will follow the trend set by the iPad release earlier this year. Termed as the “new iPad”, the next iPhone can very well be called “the new iPhone”.

The blog put out an image of the iPhone 5 labelled as “The New iPhone” printed across the packaging.

New additions to the iOS family

CBS News stated sometime back that "Apple is reportedly planning to update the iPod Touch, Shuffle and Nano. Updates to the iPod Touch may include a new design to accommodate the rumored, smaller dock connector on the next iPhone." confirmed the same, adding to the wide speculation that the new "iPod Touch will retail for about $299 and $399 and may come in a variety of colors."

Earphone Jack Location

The latest in leaked photos for the new iPhone shows a new location to host the earphone jack, which was earlier placed on the top right corner. The new earphone jack location seems to be on the bottom left corner of the phone.

According to SW-Box, a Hong Kong-based components supplier, the new location matches with what they claimed to have gotten hold of an ear speaker, a Wi-Fi cable component and the new headphone jack. This update corroborates with the 9to5mac and iFixyouri design releases.

Ah! Price

Once again 9to5mac states that the new iPhone may be priced at the same tag like the iPhone 4S. The device can be expected to sell between $199 and $399, which is the same what the iPhone 4S first sold at.

Camera Opening

Leaked photos of the iPhone 5 speak volumes. The photo releases show a slight change to the way the camera is placed. On the back panels of the device, a small space between that camera and the LED suggest that a small mic might be present, which could only mean that it would help capture audio while recoding.

September 21 release date

Rumours about the iPhone 5 release date have been corroborated by numerous media sources. To join the fray, Geeky Gadgets and, GottaBeMobile state that the company will start shipping the new phone on the said date while MacRumours stated that FedEx is waiting for a “surge” in volume from 21 and 24 September.

New Earphones?!

According to a Vietnamese tech news website,, a new set of earphones could be seen working with the new iPhone. The ear-gear will probably be seen on the next generation of Apple devices as well.

There’s a lot more out there which we’d all expect to be on the next offering from the Cupertino-based tech giant. But, for now, all eyes are on the September 12 event and the wide array of goodies that it’ll bring with it.

Don’t forget to check our slideshow on the latest leaked photos swirling around the web of the much-awaited iPhone 5.

Let us know what you expect or might want on the new iPhone in the comments section below!

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