Astro: New Year Predictions 2013

Updated: Dec 29, 2012, 13:05 PM IST

Sundeep Koachar

Aries – You’re the star. Keep shining

2013 kick starts for you on a very prosperous and pleasurable note. You are the star, both in your family and socially. Your moon is in Cancer which indicates a jolly good time with your near and dear ones. Home is the key to happiness till May. The first quarter of the year is a good time to get that car or home of your dreams so start hunting.

Venus may bring some confusion in love. There could be minor misunderstandings, but nothing that a bit of tender, loving and care cannot resolve. Go slow and steady and you will surely win the race.

Jupiter steers financial matters in a positive and fruitful direction. It’s a time to surprise others with your musical skills. Sing songs, play the piano, strum a guitar and shine in the adulation that follows.

Career brings to you pressure and competition. The focal point for you this year is to juggle stress, time and patience successfully. Keep your calm and keep moving forward! Taking things in your stride will earn you more points than confrontations.

Rahu and Saturn are both in Libra so growth in new horizons may seem to be a bit of struggle initially, but success is a surety later.

Overall, the beginning of the year brings you fun, frolic and fierce competition. Walk with care, watch where you go and you win all the way with a smile.

Taurus –Health and Happiness

Year 2013 promises a remarkable start. Happiness and joy come your way with ease. Travelling will be fruitful till February. You share a fantastic rapport with your siblings. Great opportunities sway in your direction so take them on with confidence.

However, as Mercury shifts to your 8th house, take extra care about speculative investments. After February your health may cause a bit of concern that affects your work and social life. Keep an eye on your lifestyle and diet. Also, keep a check on your ego and words. If you put your foot in your mouth, there could be some hitches to heighten issues in the first quarter of 2013. Meditate and you levitate with positive energy.

Venus helps you shine in creative pursuits. You impress with your imagination and talent. At work your creativity is at its peak. Appreciation and accolades follow.

Love is in the air so bring out those candles for romantic dinner nights. Your partner is smitten with you. You are over the moon with joy this time. Your family and friends are in sync with you. Go and celebrate these moments.

You might face tough competition at work that could lead to some stress or distress. However, that shouldn’t bring you down. Brilliant investment opportunities on your platter bring back your peace of mind.

Gemini – Money brings harmony

The start of 2013 is fruitful for you in all aspects of money. Till April, take advantage of this time with careful investments and savings. This year you shine. You stand out with highly dynamic energy and activities.

However Jupiter may cause some woes and worries at work. Don’t be de-motivated! All these speed breakers are temporary! Study hard and you earn rich rewards.

Venus may cause some frowns and puts love in jeopardy, so keep your calm and steer clear of misunderstandings. There could be heated exchanges with your partner on and off until May. Work on your temper and their tantrums with extra care and compassion. Soon things will turn for the better.

Health may tie you down in your daily routines. Wasteful expenses build up in April. Try to spend less and save more!

After April, career takes a turn for the better with more opportunities coming your way. Some events may damage your image. Take care when you deal with the public. Watch out for bickering and backbiting! Take things in your stride without losing your cool during this time.

Foreign travel and connections serve you well. Keep a check on your diet and avoid overeating. Overall, the start of 2013 is a mix of success in all aspects of money, blended with a bit of disharmony with your near and dear ones.

Cancer – Good things come your way

Cancerians shine in the spotlight through 2013 with a blend of activities, opportunities and past efforts getting recognized.

The start of 2013 is highly gratifying. Praises and prizes float in for your hard work. Your moon may make you more sensitive. Don’t worry about petty matters. Just chill and things tide over with no damage done. Good income and returns can be expected till May, so keep the investment flow going. Avoid confrontations with near and dear ones. There may be a rise in rivalry and ego clashes at work after January. Take a deep breath in and out to keep your calm and let things run their course without affecting you.

During the first quarter, Jupiter pushes your expenditures to the edge, so spend with care. Children are a great source of joy and happiness during this period.

After April 15th, your luck shines. Career growth is possible and you may gain more authority in your place of work. After work hours, slip on your dancing shoes! April is a time for parties, activities and fun with friends. Venus makes you shine in the first quarter of 2013 but with added responsibilities. You might receive some positive news which will make you dazzle brighter. Bring out your suitcases, long distance travel keeps you busy. You enjoy your trips, treats and have a terrific time rolling in the lap of luxury.

Mars may push you to take an aggressive stand on everything, especially communication with your dear ones. Health may take a bit of toll on you during the first quarter. Regulate your diet and swallow your temper. There is a great chance of government related opportunities after the first quarter.

Overall, the start of 2013 brings satisfying results with added responsibilities. It’s in your hands to receive them all and make the opportunities work for you.

Leo – Live life king size

Expect the unexpected this year! You gain in power and status, both in your career and socially. You will connect with the crème de la crème of society.

As you meet people from different walks of life, allow yourself to learn new things. Your horizons widen and success follows. You achieve your dreams and fulfill your desires through the first half of 2013. After January things turn a bit more hectic!

The first half of 2013 blesses you with immense gains financially and personally. You gain from investments as your moon is placed in the 2nd house of gains. It brings harmony at home with family and relatives.

Your stress levels may soar after January, so keep your cool. If you are on the verge of a job change, do try to resist. Worries may set in to make you more impulsive. Get a bit grounded to soar higher.

You connect to a higher authority. You could rise with a promotion in your current profession. Your words carry weight, giving you more authority and importance at work. Opponents may try to bring down your confidence, but keep moving ahead and you outshine all. Your confidence and skills make you the center of attention.

January onwards there is an increased interest in spiritual matters. Meditation, yoga and prayers keep you glowing and growing.

Venus causes some disturbance in love. Romance takes a backseat which ironically means you face fewer complications. In the case of an active romantic life, handle the relationship with care. As you progress professionally, don’t forget to nurture your relationships with your close ones.

Love is in the air after first the quarter. Passion, compassion, pleasure are all yours. Casual relationships could lead to serious commitments after first half of 2013. If you are unmarried, expect wedding bells after June.

Leos can expect an outstanding 2013. You are blessed with shining career opportunities and majestic gains and growth. Keep roaring and soaring.

Virgo – New love glitters

Both family matters and your profession take equal significance in 2013.

Past efforts wrap upto a grand finish. Career gets a boost during the first quarter with chances to expand your horizons. However, your tensions soar, creating some turbulence in your mind. Maintain your mental peace and plan ahead. Riff raffs in the family take a toll on you during the first quarter of 2013. Your children may cause some distress during this period too.

The good news comes from Mercury that will bring in great opportunities for investments. Venturing into stock markets and investments in equity is strongly recommended during the first half of 2013.

Venus brings much needed balance between fun and confusion in your personal life. It’s the time to party! Invitations pour in from friends and family. Your partner will be helpful during the first quarter. Love is harmonious. You bond well with your siblings during this time.

However, after the first quarter, some distance may be felt in matters related to love. People keen to tie the knot can consider marriage after the first half of 2013. New love blooms to embellish your life with happiness.

On the whole, 2013 juggles between confusion on the personal front and opportunities at work. Health could be a worry after the first half. Keep your focus and plan ahead to progress further.

Libra –The world is your oyster

Librans win against all odds and attain immense prosperity in 2013. Saturn and Rahu join hands to create brilliant opportunities for success; provided you keep a positive frame of mind. The first half of 2013 is a great time to venture into both personal relationships and professional endeavours. Friends are your strength! Avoid being hostile with both friends and colleagues and they will stick to your side.

Pressures at work may escalate, bringing stress and anxiety until April. Get your passports ready for luxurious holidays abroad. Try out some new cuisines. Venus aligns to bring you joy in new pursuits, entertainment, functions and parties. Health may seem to be an issue in the first half of 2013. Try not to overload yourself with too many activities. There could be some changes in your environment.

There could be some rise in expenditure. This phase could be a bit turbulent for you. Worries increase a bit. Avoid overeating as this could bring down your health. Meditating everyday will keep you healthy & happy.

Venus will pull you towards fruitful opportunities in personal matters. Harmony prevails between family and friends. Love spurs new hopes and commitments. Great stability is seen throughout 2013 in relationships and romance. Networking has a positive outcome. You impress others through your words and thoughts effortlessly.

This year is a period of immense fortune and prosperity that comes to you easily. However, stress and work overload should be avoided. Love and relationships will add a spring in your step. Take care of your expenses in the first half of the year or they might leave a hole in your pocket.

Scorpio – Life is beautiful

2013 is the time to learn new things and grow with that knowledge. First quarter of the year is a good time to invest in land or property. Your children are a source of pride and joy to you. A beautiful and fantastic life lies ahead of you through the months in 2013. Monetary gains are well indicated during the first half of the year.

Mercury drives you towards enormous gains. Your opposition is conquered and your will power is at an all time high during the first quarter of the year. You could chance upon some intelligent investment schemes. Your career grows slowly but steadily. In the latter part of 2013 expenses may soar and create some pressures. Plan ahead to be prepared!

Avoid getting into petty squabbles with friends. Take a neutral stand when handling friends and relatives.

Venus brings harmony and creativity during the first quarter. Romance and beauty shine. You dazzle with your charisma and enthusiasm. You come alive with love, passion and beauty all around you. You turn more passionate towards your work and are appreciated by your seniors. However after the first half of 2013, complications may arise with your partner.

After May your health and financial scenario improves. Luck also improves with great gains in foreign travel after the first quarter .You will start inching forward in work.

This year will start on a somber note to create a brand new beginning. Things may move at a slower pace than you expected. Patience is the key to gains in 2013!

Love is in the air and it will radiate in every form. Communication should be kept simple and a neutral stance on personal matters is recommended. You gain knowledge and skills through various mediums.

First half of the year is great for students. Your knowledge expands in many new directions.

Sagittarius – Wine, dine and shine

2013 begins on a roller coaster ride. Fasten your seatbelts for some stormy times ahead. After January, the pace eases a bit. Things settle down and improvement is seen in all areas.

Monetarily, this year may seem a bit rocky. Financial gains start to recover after the first quarter. Keep a check on your temper as this may aggravate things around you. Avoid taking risks during this time. Competition and rivalry dulls the shine a bit. But the dazzle begins when you step into your social circle.

The spotlight is on you at parties. You make new friends and make merry with the old.

Health problems crop up during the first quarter. Rest it out to stay fit. Blame it on Jupiter that’s placed in your 6th house and takes you on that bumpy ride. Be careful with financial deals and investments or you end up with some losses. Children may cause discontent or difficulties.

Your savior and knight in shining armour is Mercury that takes you ahead on a progressive path. You make a name for yourself and bask in the limelight in social gatherings.

Venus tempts you to empty your wallet. You splurge on luxuries during the first quarter. Love takes a back seat but speeds ahead during the second half of the year. It’s a good time to tie the knot then. Your home rings with harmony. Your partner sings praises about you. Enjoy this time!

Overall this year may seem to start on a sluggish note, bringing sighs, pouts and disappointment, but heads towards more exciting times after the first quarter. What you should avoid are investments or you might be in for a tough time. Plan your expenditures well in advance before they rocket out of control.

2013 brings great joy and happiness when you are with friends and family. Curb your anger and stress. Health improves after June. Wealth comes from overseas trips.

Don’t get disheartened by delays. The roller coaster ride eases towards the second quarter, bringing more stability, happiness and joy then.

Capricorn – The crown is yours. Rule wisely.

2013 rocks with much success and prosperity for you. Your career evolves, disputes dissolve, love soars and you may well be united with your soul mate this year. Friends and family shower you with love and appreciation. Investments in trade and the foreign sector power your future. Don’t overlook small health problems or they may escalate to complicate your life.

Jupiter enhances your learning and develops your communication skills. You maintain good harmony with those around you. You are highly active and busy until February. Your children bring immense joy and pride during the first quarter of the year. Monetary gains will be beneficial till March 15. After that, you move into more exciting times.

Your spirit glows with a positive outlook that attracts new people. Networking with new people is highly rewarding. You shine with confidence that energizes everything you pursue. Venus embellishes your life with rewards, awards and a name for yourself. Your reputation soars. Love is on a roll. The planet also builds your creativity, turning your hobbies into talents that others appreciate. Investments in the entertainment sector will be fruitful after the first quarter of the year. You bond with your family and friends effortlessly. This is a time that comes alive with love and romance.

2013 is the platform for you to venture into new arenas and develop your skills. Networking with new people and foreigners is the key which will be well rewarded. Focus on enhancing your skills rather than dwelling on profits. In the start of the year, investing in real estate will be worthwhile.

After June you could develop an aggressive attitude which could turn things around if you are not cautious. Your attitude could make your friends and family turn hostile towards you. Health slips up, causing obstacles after August. Expenses mount, creating anxiety.

Hold on to your aggression to avoid cracks in your relationships. All is well that ends well.

Aquarius – Work hard, party harder

This year, the key to success is getting organized. Make planning and preparation your goals and you win against the odds. There may be a cause for celebration after June.

It’s a great year for networking with new people. You gain by connecting with people from different walks of life. Keep your passports updated. You will be on the go often.

Aquarians in creative fields flourish. Creative skills enhance your dimensions and open new doors. Health problems may get the better of you during the first quarter.

This year there are no short cuts. You have to work hard to achieve success. An idle mind will prove to be counter-productive. Friends could turn hostile, so take care when you deal with them. There are chances of theft! Keep an eye on your possessions and don’t place blind trust in people. The first quarter will be financially satisfying. But keep an eye on your expenses.

Mercury helps you attain higher cash flows and profit margins this year. Incomplete desires and goals from the earlier years will take shape in 2013. You build new contacts and make new friends during the start of the year. Jupiter forays you into new business ventures that are received well. You gel well with your parents and siblings. You are fired up with energy and enthusiasm.

Venus keeps your mind buzzing with creative ideas. Your sources of income increase. Your partner understands and supports you. Family relations bloom with great bonding.

2013 brings great energy to achieve your dreams. Relationships keep you contended. The second half of the year is better for investments. You will be full of energy and on the run till June. Your schedules are filled with activities and will be a lot busier than last year. Avoid ego clashes with close acquaintances. There are several opportunities for promotions and perks this year. All you have to do is avoid miscommunication at work.

Pisces – Stop dreaming, start doing

2013 is a year to turn your previous efforts into reality. It’s the time to turn inwards and dwell on a stronger spiritual awareness. You may go on pilgrimages or simply strengthen spiritual connections. Students receive rewards, awards and recognition. It’s a good time to grow in your career or academically during the first quarter of 2013. Work hard till your dreams turn into reality.

Mercury casts a magical spell turning you a lot more positive and jovial. Use this energy to enhance your learning, communication skills. 2013 brings immense work overload and responsibilities. Your reputation soars and you get accolades for your past efforts. Put on your dancing shoes and party hat. There are many social events to fill your diary. Almost overwhelmingly so! You live it up with friends who are mesmerized by your wit and charm.

Jupiter irons out your monetary crunches, bringing security and stability. In the first quarter of the year try to avoid confrontations as they may unnecessarily distress you. Rise in business and personal expenses add a bit of stress. Avoid dwelling on trivial matters with colleagues and acquaintances.

Venus charms your love life with romance and pleasure. You may be head over heels in love. There could be a new lover in your life. You may turn so dizzy that commitment comes easily in a few months’ time, after the first quarter. Your partner will be far more supportive than last year. Love brings great satisfaction but be prepared for a bit of stress regarding the health of your partner.

2013 is a challenging year with plenty of hard work and rewards to follow. Previous efforts come to a positive conclusion. You are more optimistic and productive. Well planned thoughts turn into fruitful action.

The second half of the year is a good time to purchase a new car or house. Your year is packed with events and appointments. Bring out your diary and get organized!

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