`Bigg Boss` proves why it is called the big daddy of Indian television!

Updated: Oct 17, 2014, 09:54 AM IST

It is that time of the year when television show lovers are religiously discussing the 'baap' of all reality programmes - ‘Bigg Boss`.

After completing seven successful seasons of `Bigg Boss’, the eight edition of the show has set the small screen ablaze in less than a month.

While `Bigg Boss` is a source of entertainment and a respite from the daily humdrum for many of us, the celebrities and personalities in the show have taught us a few things, quite worthy of mention.

1. No matter what, be loud and boisterous. Rather than the survival of the fittest, the strategy here is survival of the `loudest`.

Modesty has no room in this mad world. Remember Dolly Bindra from `Bigg Boss 4`? She sure did grab some attention, didn't she? Whether her lashing out at people unnecessarily was right or not, we cannot tell, her voice drowned out everybody else's. But admit it, not only did she enter the house with a bang but she sucked the sanity out of quite a few people, literally!



The key mantra to survive in the chaotic world of 'Bigg Boss' is to be an attention-seeking maniac. The meek and timid have to struggle the hardest in order to keep up with the pace of the rest. 


2. Never worry if you are nearing 30s and still single. There is ample amount of hope that you might just meet your soul-mate soon, at unlikeliest places.



Celebs come here to be caged away for 90 days, but in the process end up dating a rival contestant. 'Bigg Boss' house has been a witness to many such love stories. Armaan-Tanishaa, Gauahar-Kushal from the previous season spiced up things in inside the house, giving hope to many still waiting to find their perfect partners in crime.



3. Doing a good deed will not give you the share of limelight that throwing a tantrum does. Recall Rakhi Sawant from season 1 of the show?


She grabbed the eyeballs with her loud mouthedness that she is infamous for? Following in her footsteps we have Karishma Tanna from `Bigg Boss 8`, who is proving to be quite a melodramatic queen. To cry foul at the drop of a hat has become a routine for the bossy lady. Now, if that is not a great way to garner publicity effortlessly, nothing is.


4. If you cannot get what you want by fair means, show your aggressive side. By all means, abuse and scare away your contenders. Armaan Kohli from the previous season was quite a scare with the way he threatened Kushal and others. He was even ready to enter into a brawl with anyone who dared question His Highness.



Not to forget that 'Bigg Boss' also had the notoriously infamous Kamal Rashid Khan (KRK), who even today does nothing but praise himself. He hogged the limelight in season 3 of the show after he was kicked out because of his violent behaviour towards his fellow mate. But later he re-entered the house as a wild-card entrant and stayed up till week 10.

Gautam Gulati from the ongoing season is another example. The TV actor abused Karishma Tanna on national television during a task, screaming and punching his fists into the air, which created a row amongst the other inmates. We only wonder what was on his mind? Not everybody can be KRK and get away with it.




5. Any list mentioning 'Bigg Boss' seasons cannot be complete till a handful of cry babies are added to it. Cry your heart out to be free of all tensions. Be it Kamya Punjabi, Gauahar Khan, Pratyusha Banerjee or Tanishaa Mukerji – they were all the damsels of last season.



They proved that crying isn't that difficult after all. Rajat Rawail from the previous season was seen howling in pain as he missed his daughter and then later due to health issues, he left the house.




As dramatic as it may sound, any publicity is after all good publicity. In this mad chaotic world, `Bigg Boss` has proved to be a reflection of reality, where each one of us has become melodramatic to even small situations. These celebs feed to our own island of thoughts.

No other show has caught the feel of its audience in an apt manner just as `Bigg Boss` has, and perhaps that is why with each passing season, it continues to top the popularity charts.



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