Bikini Waxing: Tips and frequently asked questions

Updated: Sep 02, 2013, 19:27 PM IST

Bharti Taneja

What are the things to keep in mind before getting bikini wax done first time?

Bikini area is sensitive and if you are going in for your first session, tread carefully! Hygiene is of paramount importance while choosing the salon you visit. The practitioner should wear gloves during the procedure. Also, the knife used to apply the wax should be sterilized and separate wax should be used. An antiseptic lotion or cream is essential and must be applied before and after the session. The person attending to you should also have been specifically trained to perform Bikini waxing and have enough experience in the same. After, considering all of the above, look at the cost to make a final decision. If you follow these few simple rules, the procedure is a simple, quick and efficient way of hair removal.

How does it happen? Explain the procedure.

The first step should always be cleaning the area with a generous dose of antiseptic lotion. The wax should be then applied in the direction of the hair. Once you put a strip over the wax, stretch the area properly and pull. It`s important to stretch the skin, to ensure all hair is removed with minimal pain. This should be followed by antiseptic lotion again, to reduce the risk of infection.

How to reduce pain during bikini wax session?

Bikini waxing is a painful procedure so you have to make your mind up before you head to the salon. The best way to reduce pain is to stretch the skin properly and in the right direction before pulling off the strip. It`s also a good idea to divert your attention away from the procedure. Read a book, catch up on your mails or simply talk to a friend to stay distracted.

How it is better than temporary hair removal creams or Shaving?

Shaving only cuts the hair from the surface and the roots remain intact which means the hair starts growing back in a day and the entire growth is back by a week. The entire process is tedious and time consuming. Another drawback is that the hair comes back thicker and usually irritates the sensitive skin in the area when it’s growing back.

Hair removal creams are also very cumbersome and there are chances of getting allergies from the chemicals used. Also, prolonged use of these creams will darken the area considerably which can make it appear unsightly.

What are the benefits of getting bikini wax done regularly?Apart from being a very hygienic solution, it also removes the hair from the root and thus you need to go for a session once a month and sometimes even longer! Over time, getting regular bikini wax sessions makes the hair follicle finer and easier to pull out. So the more sessions you go for, the less painful it is to extract the hair.

What time of the month is best to get bikini wax done?

There isn`t a particular time which is better but scheduling your appointment a few days before your menstrual cycle is advisable.

Mention different types of waxes used for waxing the bikini line. Howdo they differ?

When it comes to bikini waxing, it`s best to avoid Rica wax which is normally used for waxing other body parts. Opt for chocolate or flavoured Aloe Vera wax which are definitely less painful and give you better results. I personally recommend chocolate wax, which is the least painful and most effective of all, besides leaving you smelling great!

Tips to avoid infection after bikini wax session.

The best way to avoid infection is to keep hygiene in mind before anything else. Use of antiseptic lotion before and after the session is essential. Before the procedure ensure the practitioner is wearing gloves and is using a separate wax and sterilized knives. Throw away strips should be used instead of the reusable ones. The more hygienic the entire process, lesser the chances of infections will arise.

(The author is the Director of ALPS Clinic and Academy)