Byproducts of Urbanisation

Updated: Sep 11, 2014, 02:42 AM IST

Niharika Maheshwari

Urbanisation - this revolutionary word has huge weightages. It can be called expansion of opportunities, infrastructural facilities and evolution of the robotic human in modern India. This is what I call it after contemplating over the dogma, density, disparities, demand and downfall in urban India.

The glamour of metro cities which excites us and is one of the main pull factors which makes us leave lush green surroundings and natural atmosphere results in abandoned rural homes. This has resulted in leaving the stereotyped bent of mind behind and to my utmost surprise, it's happening at a fast pace. From transition period to the developing phase, we are loaded with much more. Thanks to the journalistic approach, I can understand this transformation better.

What can be modern for some can be hibernation for others. We say that confidence has increased, but do we care about the fading persona in this adaptive period leaving us with a thought – we were not like that!!!

As there are a lot of merits in a sophisticated society, there are hindrances as well - broken/cold relationships, torn and tattered hopes, poor health, mental bankruptcy etc. Pressure is certainly what we haven't thought about. It pains to see every third person struggling with himself/herself has become sick in quest to be number one or someone's favourite, to rule, to presume and finally flourish. But, in the process we must realise that our engines tend to become defunct and wouldn't give desired 'average' in the long run.

We as humans are taught to forgive and forget, to be idealistic in approach but this lengthy process is costing us. To so many problematic doors the master key is to start from the back-bencher phase to the evergreen rocking inhale, exhale and move on. Intelligent people, of course, do it. The best way to sustain is to recognise our talents and exploit the best ones because we never know how strong we are until being strong is our choice. If we start our day smiling and end the day with thanking, certainly it would bring down the number of our hospital visits. Doctors, lawyers and soothsayers may not recommend this successful mantra of urban life.

Body is temple and we are God's best creation. So, why waste time in regret, anxiety, hesitation or fabrication. Let us pledge to become tough and not get harmed by the by-products of urbanisation.

In short, each one of us has a reservoir of happiness within us which we need to discover and enjoy this endless urbanisation.

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