Coping with Valentine’s solitude!!

Salome Phelamei

Remember, not everybody is interested in celebrating Valentine’s Day. Some people are reminded of hurtful events that have occurred in the past, others simply think celebrating Valentine’s is just another way of emptying their wallets. Whatever the reason may be, you just want to refrain from doing anything on V- Day, but you may have no clue on it. Here are some few tips that may help you shun it.

1. Don’t go out anywhere as malls and restaurants are overcrowded, roads are jam-packed, and people often drive intoxicated.

2. Switch off your cell phone, it’s the best way to avoid receiving unwanted calls

3. Entertain yourself with music and movies at home that don’t have a relationship theme

4. Fit yourself in domestic chores like cooking, washing and housecleaning

5. Avoid talking to friends who are in a courtship as they might remind you of your bitter past, and sometimes you may be tempted to give them ill advice since you already went through that ‘rough patch’ in your love life

6. Read a good book to engage your mind

7. Spend time with family members or friends who have been helpful to you when you were overcoming terrible events

8. Work out at a gym – it will not only shrink your tensions, but improve your health

9. Engage yourself in a project to keep you occupied

10. Indulge yourself in meditation. It is one of the best healing therapies for physical, mental and spiritual well being, not only for the moment but for the rest of your life.