Epistle of Love

Liji Varghese


Giving words to my feeling never seemed so tough. Calling you up at wee hours, or just texting you is much easier than trying to express myself through a letter.

It feels like eternity when I recollect the memories of the time that we spent together. Our first encounter outside a gift shop, you asking me out on a date, the strolls in the park, holding hands, late night calls, long bike rides, the fights over trivial issues and of course, the first kiss, the warmth of which I can still feel... it all seems like a fantasy, a joyride through the wonderland.

You messing around the house just to get my attention, surprising me with gifts without any occasion, holding me tight in your arms to give hundred reasons for loving me when I ask for ten, waking up all night long when I am unwell, assuring me time and again that come what may, you will always be around when I need you.

With all the nice things said and done, I would also like to confess something. I even enjoyed our fights, only because at the end of it, all I just need to have is a teary eye to make you apologise for something that you were not even responsible for in the first place. Sorry for being the perfect drama queen of your life, it is not an apology, but the funny and weirdest things that you do to bring back a smile on my face is what that I crave for... because this is when you are at your “innocent” best. Every time I ask you to grow up, it’s just a statement given in a moment of annoyance and seriously, I like you messing up with me time and again like a child.

When together, you have umpteen ways to irritate me, but when all these memories flash across my mind, it only leaves a smile on my face. I know all these words fall short, because every minute that I have spent with you is worth a thousand words. The letter is not even one percent of what I feel for you. My love for you is deeper than words.

I just hope we have many more years to spend together...


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