Exclusive: Poonam Pandey on Sachin, stripping and more...

She is the hottest, sultriest and the most in-demand lass in India at the moment. She teases and pleases. In one of her first exclusive no-holds-barred interviews, Poonam Pandey bares all to Zeenews.com’s Vineet Sharma. Here are a few excerpts:

What makes you choose the internet over TV as a medium to connect to the masses?

The internet helps me connect with my worldwide fan base. It is faster and more ‘today’, as far as technology and connectivity are concerned.

Tell us the secret to your super fit self? What fitness regime do you follow?

(Giggles) To honestly tell you, I’m not an avid gym goer and neither do I believe in hardcore diets. I am naturally fit and I keep it that ways with moderation in my eating habits. I’m a foodie and eat everything, albeit in moderation.

Yoga and meditation are the two keys to my fitness as I find them most rewarding and rejuvenating.

We all know of your liking towards cricket. Have you played the game or are you an avid follower? What got you hooked on to the game?

I have played a lot of cricket. In fact, I can surprise many with my batting abilities. Being born in India, where cricket is a national passion, it is but natural to be a follower of the sport. I was always interested in cricket and Sachin Tendulkar’s game got me hooked on to the sport.

How do you find the attention of the masses? Are people more receptive of you after you’ve made it big on the popularity front?

The World Cup did wonders for me. I am an easily recognisable face today because of the tournament and I am loving every bit of the attention I get. It is just fabulous that people walk up to me for an autograph or just remark among themselves - ‘This is the World Cup girl’. People certainly hear me after I have become popular.

From the current lot of cricketers, which one is your favourite?

I can’t name one. (Upon further prodding), I think it would be right to say that Sachin Tendulkar is my favourite. He is a god for the followers of cricket in India and I have utmost respect for him and his game.

Moving on to the saucy side of fantasy, if you had to be on a three-way date with cricketers, which two players would you like to be with?

Ah, I want them all! It would be great to go out with all of them, only if it was for a coffee. Anything more is an added advantage (wink wink).

Stripping is an art often neglected in India? How do you plan to bring it into the mainstream with more acceptance?

From an age of kurtas to jeans and then skirts, it is just a matter of evolution. Earlier, raunchy moves would get you a bad label, but now they are a part of dance forms. Similarly, I’m trying to evolve the taste of Indian audience to the art of stripping.

It is not to say that I’m against traditional thoughts, but let me make one thing clear, I’m a modern girl who wants to be in tune with times rather than blow an old trumpet.

There have been scathing attacks on your ways of expression. Recently someone even morphed your photo with Sachin Tendulkar. This must upset you quite a bit I’m sure. How do you keep a positive mind frame despite all this?

Personally, I would have laughed it off had it not been the image of Lord Vishnu in the picture. That was wrong. On the picture itself, I was surprised that a fan would undergo so much of work to morph my picture and post it. I have seen the picture for hours. It is truly baffling!

Apart from modelling, what are your other passions?

I am in love with myself and love to watch my body in front of the mirror. For hours... Honestly Vineet. I am a girlie girl at heart, painting my nails, trying new styles and mostly checking myself out in the mirror. Perhaps that’s why I don’t mind when other people check me out.

And last but not the least, what’s next for Poonam Pandey, the heartthrob?

I have an atom bomb of an item for my fans, that’s a promise. It will be something that no one could have thought of from an Indian model. When I come out with it, you’ll be the first one to know!

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