Fill each other’s lives with colours of love and laughter, says Geeta Kapoor

Dance is a way of worship for some. For many it is their life! ‘Dance India Dance’ has given the youth of the nation a huge platform to showcase their dancing abilities and help them be “someone” in life. To be part of a show like ‘Dance India Dance’ that produces mind-boggling talent is nothing less an honour.

Bringing about a revolution in the way people perceive dance, the show has given form to the dreams of many a youth. And one such personality who is responsible for shaping young talent and giving wings to their imagination is Geeta Kapoor. She is someone who epitomises motherhood and is lovingly addressed as Geeta ‘Ma’. In an exclusive interview, Geeta Kapoor shares her journey as a choreographer with Bikas Bhagat of

When did you realize you had a dancer within you and since how long have you been choreographing?

I don’t think I realised I had a dancer in me. I owe it my mother who saw the potential and enrolled me in dance classes. As far as my career as a choreographer goes, it’s been almost 19 years I think.

Tell us something about your forte.

Being on this show Dance India Dance has made me attempt all kinds of styles, but personally I think I like doing romantic numbers so I think that is my forte.

How has dance helped you evolve as a person?

I have become more patient as a person. All my aggressiveness that I had before is taken over by the power of dance. I have also become more responsible and respectful towards the art as it has given me my space, name and fame in the society.

You have always made it a point to incorporate Indian classical dance forms in DID. Tell us something about the importance of having a classical base.

Having a classical base of any kind just makes you a little more disciplined, so it helps you to learn better. As far as incorporation of Indian classical dance forms on DID is concerned, well its my contribution to the revival of the beautiful art forms we have in India and to make the current generation aware of what they have in India.

Tell us something about your major achievements and your journey from being Geeta Kapoor to Geeta ‘Ma’.

Well, I feel I have lot more to achieve. I haven’t achieved anything major yet. I am proud of the work I did in songs like ‘Roshni Se’ from ‘Asoka’, ‘Lazy Lamhe’ from ‘Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic’, and now ‘Sheila Ki Jawaani’ from ‘TMK’. My journey from Geeta Kapoor to Geeta ‘Ma’ is simply because of DID. The team there coined the term. I cannot function without them. The show has given me whole lot of love and appreciation from people from all walks of life. It is overwhelming and very humbling.

To be judging a show like DID must mean a lot of pressure. Sometimes you might have to eliminate someone not because they are any inferior but because someone is more deserving. How do you feel about that?

DID by itself is pressure as you are not only judging but also being judged by your co-masters and the audience. Elimination is horrifying only because you are going to lose someone you have spent a lot of time with and gotten attached to. That is the major problem. Elimination is really not within our power from the beginning, so it’s really not that big a problem. Initially it’s Mithun Da and then the audience that takes over so that way we are quite safe. Or else the stores would definitely run out of stock for tissue boxes for me (laughs).

How does it feel co-judging a show with someone as huge as Mithun Chakravarty?

The man called Mithun da is not just huge but a legend. But for us he is just a guide and friend, who has the most beautiful moments to share. We get to learn lovely little lessons of life from him. He brings out the best in us without letting us feel he is this mega star. I would say he is truly STUPENDOFANTABULOUSLYFANTASMAGORICALLYMAGNANIMOUS.

You are an integral and an indispensable part of the DID family. Tell us something about your association with Zee TV.

I believe nobody is indispensable and integral for any show. If and when your work is done, your services will not be required and someone else is always around to take over. But I am very clear that my commitment to Dance India Dance is for as long as they would like it to be. It is the show that gave a face to my name that people already were aware of. I, today, have people of all ages touch my feet, look up in pure reverence or ask me to simply place my hand on their child’s head and bless them hoping some amount of talent is passed on. I could not have had all this without DID.

Who is your source of inspiration?

My mother, undoubtedly, and my friend philosopher, guide, guru and my mother after my mother Farah Khan.

Your future plans and endeavours

Taking each day as it comes... no plans

Your plans for Holi and a message you would like to give our readers and all the dance lovers across the globe on the festival of colours.

Fill each other’s lives with the colours of love and laughter.

A piece of advice to all the aspiring dancers?

Whenever, wherever and however you want to dance, go for it. Don’t let anything or anyone tell you otherwise. Give it your 100 % and you will get 1000 times in return.