Foreign returned Indians generally come back better educated!

By ZRG | Updated: May 17, 2013, 16:33 PM IST

Rashi Aditi Ghosh/ Zee Research Group

As you dream to marry a foreign returned ‘desi’, there is a high probability that your spouse would be well educated! Indians who stay abroad for some time but return home permanently generally come back armed with a higher degree or two.

According to a Union Statistics and Programme Implementation Ministry report, foreign returned Indian migrants tend to possess better educational qualifications than average general population of India.

The report identified “returned migrants” as those Indian nationals who have returned to India from abroad. The data for the report is sourced from the 64th round of National Sample Survey (NSS) published in June 2010.

The report shows that while 9.1 per cent of returned migrants have graduation or higher degrees, only 4.2 percent of general Indians have graduation or higher degrees. The ministry report, however, does not specify the time period of stay abroad.

What fuels the education focus for Indians abroad? Professor SR Ahlawat, at Department of Sociology, MD University, Rohtak explained, “Since the gateway to foreign nationals over the decade has improved a lot, most of the talented brains from India now prefer to study abroad and come back only when they need to marry.”

Similarly, the percentage of diploma and certificate holders is also higher amongst returned migrants in comparison to general population in India.

While 8.4 per cent of returned migrants had completed diploma/certificate courses, just 0.8 per cent of general Indians completed diploma/certificate courses, said the ministry report.

Subsequent to education, a look over the employment status of returned migrants showed that more migrants preferred to open enterprises than to work for anyone else as a regular salaried/wage employee.

While 26.8 per cent migrants opt for self employment after returning to India, only 3.2 per cent of them were self employed prior to their abroad migration.

This might be as a result of either not finding the right jobs or simply because of being bitten by the enterprise bug.

All foreign degrees are not going to fetch you great jobs in India, argued Dr Arvind Agrawal, at the Department of Sociology, Central university of Himachal Pradesh. “Facing a lot of hardships and hindrances from education system in India, aspiring student migrate to foreign countries hoping to get greater qualification and good jobs, but unfortunately their dream shatters as private foreign universities don’t provide quality education. This is the reason why most of the foreign returned students get involved in self employment,” he added.