From any point of view Salman is a star: Arbaaz Khan

Updated: Dec 20, 2012, 14:20 PM IST

Resham Sengar

New Delhi: Arbaaz Khan, who will be donning the director`s hat for the first time for `Dabangg 2` starring Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha is in a nail-biting state as the movie nears its release date. During a candid press interaction in the National capital on Tuesday, the actor turned producer turned filmmaker revealed some interesting bits about the film.

It is a fact widely known that Salman`s consistently rising popularity in the past few years is the reason why he continues to rule Box Office. So, the question is what is it that makes Salman a superstar from a director`s point of view? “From any point of view he is a star,” said Arbaaz cheerfully. However, Salman, who was present during the press meet, took a different stand and credited brother Arbaaz for his fame. “Arbaaz`s film (`Dabangg`) as a producer and director is responsible for putting me in that slot,” said Salman adoringly.

So as a young director would Arbaaz take the risk of working with any other actor other than Salman Khan in future? “What kind of risk? If I am making a career as a director I will be surely making films with Salman. And if I m making more films in a year, then I will have to work with other actors too and I too would feel like working with others. I think that`s the healthy way to do it,” Arbaaz replied.

Arbaaz`s wife Malaika Arora Khan, who did the popular item number `Munni` in `Dabangg`, will make a brief appearance in the sequel too. However, Arbaaz made it clear that Malaika`s sequence is a part of the film`s surprise package and refrained from talking about it.

Making a film is no mean feat. And as a director Arbaaz felt the pressure to deliver his best. When asked about the challenge to make a sequel as a debutant director, Arbaaz revealed, “Well, pressure is there on any one and at any level. It is a very competitive field. Films are going to be watched by everyone in India. So whether you make your first , second or third film, the pressure would ease out. You will always make a good film. You will always make a successful film. Never can you say that now that I have made three successful films, I don`t need to work hard and can relax while making my next film. As far as the sequel is concerned, obviously, there are a lot of expectations. The first installment was liked by everyone so you are bound to have that much concern while making the sequel too.

Arbaaz feels that rather than figuring out the role of market forces while making a film, it is better to give your best and all other things will fall in place. “I think the most important thing is to make a film as good as it can get. Everything else follows. You can`t make a film by keeping the parameters of business in mind. You make a good film and it will do well. So that`s the most important thing,” concluded Arbaaz.

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