Ghosts and Spirits – The untold facts!

Resham Sengar

The subject of ghosts and evil spirits intrigues almost everyone. The web is full of theories and stories about beings from the other world that tend to spark fear in the believers. In this space, the Indian Paranormal Society, debunks some myths and highlights some lesser known facts to help you get familiar with the unknown!

Emotional Vampires: Have you ever met anyone who was so negative about everything at work or life that they drained your energies or left you emotionally drained, when you were around them?

These people are called Emotional or Psychic Vampires who are so badly enveloped in their own woes that they have no clue of the negative effect they have on people around them.

The draining effect these people have on others is similar to the psychic attacks done by demonic spirits. If your own stress or negativity can drain you emotionally, then you are your own Emotional Vampire.


There have been many instances where people have reported some words, blood stains, hand and foot prints appearing on random things such as wall, clothes, paper, fabric, etc without any human involvement. This particular type of phenomena is called Hemography.

Do you smell something that is not present physically?

Phantosmia is a form of olfactory hallucination. This word was taken from the Greek Phanto meaning Phantom and Osmia meaning smell.

Can evil spirits attack or harm you?

It is true that some people have been attacked by malevolent spirits. It is usually due to the person being afraid of what the spirit can do to him or her. Attacks happen when the evil spirit believes that it can overpower or bully a person.

These attacks are not dangerous and involve hair being pulled, push, pull or a shove. Some reports involve burning sensation, bruising or minor scratching. Yet other reports include larger items being thrown or even the person being thrown away. Even though there are hundreds of stories about it, there is no prominent proof that a spirit can seriously harm a person physically.

Spirits are largely impotent when it comes to physical ability. The biggest threat is a psychic attack which can manifest as feeling claustrophobic, fear, anxiety etc.

Evil spirits are bullies who use psychic attacks as an attempt by a malevolent person to possess a weak-hearted person.


• The word haunts implies visiting a place frequently. It is not related to spirits only.• Spirits are consciousness of living beings that survive physical death. • Spirits wants attention from living people. They manifest themselves in order to get attention. They necessarily don’t want to harm people.• Paranormal activity is independent of time. It will occur at any time of the day.• Sound of footsteps, smell (rose, sandalwood, pungent and rotten eggs) and knocks at the door are the most common symptoms of a haunted place.• A place can be haunted by spirits for 100 years without anyone getting even a hint about it.• Evil spirits are bullies. They fear from people who stand for themselves.


• Ghosts can kill humans. • Ghosts have twisted legs.• Ghosts wear white clothes.• Ghosts can enter into someone’s body and control the mind.• Spirits bring misfortune and cause loss of wealth.• Djinns can overpower people. They are powerful only because we empower them with our belief system)• Spirits are responsible for someone’s ill health and mental state.• Spirits can be captured in a bottle.• All spirits are evil.

"If you want to learn about spirits’ behaviour, look into your eyes and ask yourself, how would you behave when you are stuck emotionally and mentally in a place without a physical body." – Reverend Gaurav Tiwari

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