Go green between the sheets!

Updated: Jun 04, 2011, 19:32 PM IST

Shruti Saxena

It is truly said that there is nothing better than having great sex. You’re oh-so-good at being green, but is your sex life? So, here are a few green-hued sex tips to let your hair down and have a healthy dose of passion and that too in an eco-friendly way.

Set the mood with a sensual scene

Yes, you heard it right. There is absolutely no need to turn on those electricity guzzling lights. Instead, use some lovely vegan soy candles as they don’t emit black smoke and will not disturb your dinner. And then, whisper sweet nothings by candle light. If you want some sparkle, LED solar powered fairly lights will also do the trick. Just turn off your television and get ready to prepare your own music.

Homemade sexual desire-laden dishes

It’s time to make your kitchen the sexiest eco-dinner place in town. It is certainly a great idea as you will automatically cut your carbon emissions by limiting your travel to the restaurant. Buy good quality food from a local, organic store that offers you all the healthy nutrients. You can opt for seasonal options. You can finish your dinner with a chocolate dessert as it has more anti-oxidants and boosts blood antioxidant levels.

Get wet

Need more eco-friendly reasons? Here you are, save water by bathing together. It will make you feel sexier. After bath, one can indulge in organic body massage pleasure. For this, you can opt for essential oil based products that stimulate your senses, such as rosemary, bergamot, patchouli and fresh citrus scents. Tea tree and mint can add to the tingling sensation too.

Going outdoor

Go hiking, biking, to the beach, a nearby local park or just for a nice long walk. A simple walk gets your blood moving, takes the pressure off.

Playing It Safe

Yes, condoms are a must for protective sex and thereby protecting your planet. A latex condom made from the sap of the rubber tree is the best choice for safe sex. Avoid using condoms containing additives that thwart biodegradation and those with toxins such as polyurethane. Another point that must be taken into account is that don’t flush the remnants of your evening’s passion down the marsh. Avoid using plastic, sweatshop manufactured sex toys and opt for ethical wooden objects instead.

Eco-friendly Bamboo bed sheets

Bamboo material has a very smooth texture and easily soaks up moisture thereby opposing micro-organisms and is easily renewable. So, these eco-friendly bed sheets are surely a good option.

Eco-friendly innerwear

Don’t get caught up in the idea that you must spend money on a date with him/her; you’re not that old-fashioned, are you? Why not spend some money on your innerwear this time. One can now opt for sexy lingerie and underwear made from natural cotton, cane, hemp silk and other renewable filaments available in the market.

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