Happy being singer; acting not my cup of tea: Harshdeep Kaur

Updated: Dec 26, 2014, 19:12 PM IST

Harshdeep Kaur, the singer with a golden voice has come a long way and has carved a niche for herself in the world of singing. Although, known mainly for her sufi songs, this Delhi girl has made a mark in all the genres of singing. She has lent her voice to quite a few chartbusters—'Katiyan Karu', 'Heer', 'Jugni' to name a few. She has also been a part of A R Rahman’s entourage since 2010 and has sung for the maestro in many movies.

In an interview with Vibhuti Jaitly from Zee Media Corp, she shares her journey, favourites and experiences in the music industry.


At what age did you start singing?

I was around five years old when I started singing and immediately fell in love with it. My father was very much into music as he used to make musical instruments and even played the guitar himself. So, I think I have imbibed the love for music from my father.

 You sing in different genres, which one is your personal favourite?

For me all the genres are my favourite as long as the song sounds good. If the tune, lyrics and sound are great, it doesn’t matter which genre the song falls in. Any song that is soothing to the ears works for me.

Since you sing devotional/spiritual songs, are you spiritual in real life too?

I am a spiritual person who respects all religions. I firmly believe that there is a supreme power up there who takes care of everything on earth and our lives too. So, I respect that supreme power. I respect all faiths and don’t differentiate between religions.

Who is your idol as far as singing is concerned?

I don't have one single idol, but many. There are so many iconic singers that I admire, like Jagjit Singh ji, Reshma ji, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sahab and AR Rahman. I try to learn many things from these singers’ works.

 You have worked with quite a few music directors. Who is your favourite?

It is very difficult to settle for a favourite as every time I work with a music director, it is a different experience all together. So all of them are my favourites.

 Is there any music director still on your wish-list?

I would love to work with Mithun Sharma, who composed the music for 'Aashiqui 2'. I really love his music and would wish to sing for him soon.

How is it working with A R Rahman?

The experience of working with Rahman ji is really phenomenal. I feel lucky to have got the opportunity of working with him more than once. He is such a great personality and yet he is so down to earth. It is an honour for me to work with him. It feels like a dream come true. He makes you very comfortable while recording.

 Do you enjoy playback singing more or do live performances give you a kick?

I enjoy both the experiences. When you record a new song in a studio and when you sing the same song in concerts, the difference is that while you are in concerts, you get to see the reaction of the audience. I can’t choose one over the other - it’s like you are asking me to choose between ice cream and aloo paranthas. Both are my favourites and yet different. I love both!

What is your take on reality shows? It certainly worked for you as you won two of them.

Reality shows are a good platform for new singers to showcase their talent, who haven’t got a chance to perform. It really helps as singers get recognition through television and it also helps them bag projects. But one shouldn’t bank entirely on them. You should learn music and aim for higher goals. It should not be an end but a part of your journey. Having said that, reality television is not the only road leading to Bollywood, luck too plays its part.

 Haven’t you thought of venturing into acting along with your singing?

I have got some offers in the past but I only want to concentrate on music, because this is what I love doing. If you talk about acting, it is quite a difficult job. Acting is a natural talent, it is not as if you learn it from a school. It also requires a lot of dedication, hard work and is not easy. I am happy and content being a singer. Acting is not my cup of tea!

 Tell us something about your upcoming projects.

Well, I can’t disclose much about my upcoming Bollywood projects till the time the songs release. But what I can tell you is that I am working on my singles which would release soon, maybe by next month.


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