Hi-5 with Nicolas Beau

A Watch is for?

We don’t buy watches to tell time. That is passé. Today it is what the watch stands for. Its history. Its legacy. Its intrigue. The stories it tells and the magic behind the brand. This is what Chanel timepieces are about.

Technology or creativity?

We spend a long time creating unique pieces and yes, creativity is immensely important to us. But to make creativity a reality, it needs to overcome hurdles. Technology is at the service of creativity.

So both are equally important in the creation of a timepiece.

The Indian buyer is?

Our products are very universal in their beauty. It appeals to Europeans and Indians alike. Each watch presents the vision of Chanel. We want the Indian consumer to have access to buying their Chanel watch in their own country, but the taxes are so high that consumers don’t realise that. They feel that watch companies are ripping them off. And that’s sad, because India is not a market to ignore. Your government is losing out on this market share too.

Chanel is?

Chanel is about the now, but not quite. It is just that little step ahead. It expresses the vision of the brand. It does not believe that the wearer should be incarcerated by a watch, but to enjoy the pleasure of now.

What is special this baselworld?

A very special time piece—J12-365, using Beige gold and diamonds. Beige gold is a new and special 18-carat gold alloy developed by Chanel, which is exclusive to us. It’s a hue between the red of rose gold and the ochre of yellow. Set in certamic, we have a winner again on our hands.