Horoscope 2014

By Sundeep Koachar | Updated: Dec 28, 2013, 15:55 PM IST

Sundeep Koachar


You are the Star; Keep Shining!

According to planetary positions in 2014, this will be a learning year ahead for people who are born under this sign. You may have a lot of challenges and puzzles in personal and professional life, but you fell be able to handle it easily. It is important to take timely actions to cope with some complex situations especially till June. However as per your predictions for 2014, you may have progress in life from the 2nd half of 2014. A careful and determined approach will save you in all respects. Arians will be independent. New business and partnership would be fruitful, the stars of your partner will affect you, and vice-versa it is wise to match your compatibility before starting the partnership. Your intuition and inner voice will play a very vital role in your life this year. You would ultimately emerge as a winner out of all odds if you follow your heart and inner voice. Good time to start new ventures in the mid of 2014.


Your Passion Defines your Success!

People born under this earthy sign may face mixed results throughout this year. Your practical and conservative nature will minimize problems. You should seek the guidance of elders at the time of crisis. Further, you should prioritize your objectives and plan activities accordingly. Also, as per your 2014 predictions there will be great success during the second half of the year. Sometimes you have to be careful because of your over anxiety. Taureans mostly prove out to be sensual and passionate love, in fact, you are passionate about everything in life. Jupiter in 2nd house will bring many new opportunities in professional life in the 1st half of 2014 and from 19th June onwards transit of Jupiter in 3rd house will bring loads of gains for you this year. You can invest in long-term ventures; this will prove to be very beneficial for you. New offers will come your way and you can get opportunities for promoting your business, as you will be travelling a lot this year. Those who are into sports, 2014 will get fame and recognition at international level.


Smile & the World will Smile with You!

As per your planets for 2014, people born under this sign may experience mixed results during this year, but mostly positive. Major transits of Jupiter on Ascendant and 5th houses may influence personal and love life in a pronounced manner. This year may bring changes with respect to domestic life and individual perception. There may not be much growth on material side of life like career, business and acquisition of assets. You may come to know the true nature of the people around you says horoscope 2014. This year 2014 needs a lot of pragmatism and patience for you. Possibility of marriage is also seen (for unmarried). Jupiter does more good than harm wherever it goes. It gives you a gentle boost to move forward with courage in life. It makes u do something significant and meaningful. You might feel an even stronger boost of energy from late august till November. Though Saturn will have a check on you this year you will be the best of the best.


Whatever Goes Around Comes Around!

Horoscope 2014 says this may be a learning year to you in different aspects of life. You may have to prove your honesty and sincerity on several occasions. The transit of major planets is not favourable for main areas of life like health, career and financial status, till July. Only well projected and disciplined life can help you to face the situations. You should control your emotional nature and try to see the practical side of happenings. Fear and inferior thinking should be corrected. Cancerians are very resourceful and imaginative people, though transiting Saturn over your 4th house, till 2nd November, has made you a mature person. This year if you are really interested in getting married, transiting Jupiter in 1st house, from June, will change your status. Year 2014 will keep you very busy most of the time and it’s a good year to get result of the past efforts.


Live Life King Size!

The year 2014 looks promising for your prosperity. You can expect instant or quick responses about your enquiries. As per your horoscope 2014 predictions, you will be successful in streamlining in career and personal life. You may find path for achieving your objectives in near future. Change in your attitude may place you in a firm position. This year may bring realization through reconciliation of your past activities. You may grow to a good extent in social and financial status. Thus there may be admirable happenings in this year. You are very close to your friends and can do anything for them. Your affective and emotional instincts will enable you to continue for what you really are. Second half of 2014, will bring positive energy in your life, you will overflow with vitality. May-June will be responsible for career growth, bringing great recognition in your life.


Anything which Glitters is Love!

Your 2014 horoscope predictions foresee a fluctuating year, mostly July onwards. You may able to fulfil your desires after strenuous efforts. Transit of Saturn in 2nd house is not conducive for wealth building. Problems in domestic life may have their implication on career. You may not possess enough confidence to face the challenging situations. Friends will be of great support throughout this year. As per your predictions for 2014, after some delays & dilemmas, you will establish peace and prosperity in your life. You can look for a long-term romantic relationship as planets are in mood to favour you, but come June it will be converted into lifelong bonding. Your family life will be normal, barring some minor misunderstanding. If you are unmarried and involved in an affair then you must keep transparency in between the two of you. During the year 2014 you need to pay proper attention on your personal life as transit of Rahu over your sign, from July, may bring some stress in relationship. Overall is indicating a progressive year, provided you follow all the dos and don’ts of life.


The World is your Oyster & You are the Pearl!

2014 horoscope foresees that the year 2014 may offer positive results for you. You may not be satisfied with the growth in career and financial status, till July. You may be work averse and not in a position to accept additional responsibilities. Generally Libra people are peace lovers and try to resolve problems with words. Exaggerated situations may spoil your peace at various instances, so avoid reacting on petty things. In spite of this complex mental status you will do well in career and family obligations says astrology 2014 predictions. The beginning of the year pushes you to resolutely go for financial objectives, in particular those in the short run, those which are carrying satisfactions or immediate returns.Saturn the planet of karma, transiting on your sign, till 2nd November, will help you take a firm stand. Avoid any kind of indulgence (though difficult for you) this year, as Saturn has come here to give you results as per your deeds. There are chances of job changes, promotions and even house re-location for some. Placement of Rahu on your 1st house till July will put you in some stress, but some meditation and your happy go lucky attitude will create feel good factor.


Life is so Beautiful, Live to the Fullest!

This year there may be extreme pressure in career with some spots of relief. You may find obstructions in few aspects of life. You need to be more attentive to avoid any misunderstanding in relationships. Scorpio people are emotional at heart, but some positivity is needed throughout this year. Remember ‘the law of attraction’. There may be phenomenal growth in major aspects of life like career, finance and health says your 2014 horoscope predictions. Transit of Saturn (responsible for sade-sati) may help you to grow, but with some constrictions and restrictions in professional life. Love relations play a very important role in your life and you are most likely to get the love of your life. Those who are in relationship will be enjoying the love and care from their partners. Children will be a source of happiness for you this year for married couples. For unmarried folks, marriage is on the cards from June onwards. In nutshell, 2014 would bring new breath of fresh air and you will feel like exploring every aspect of life.


Wine, Dine & Shine!

You may effectively capitalize the situations throughout this year as per your 2014 predictions. Jupiter will bless you with enough confidences in life. Honest and sincere efforts may yield more than your anticipation. This is an ideal year to get established in career and financial life. There is a possibility of achieving some of your objectives during this year. Your respect towards elders and devotion towards the God are saviours of fortune. For students this year comes with a new hope and you will be able to decide where your interest lies. You will be able to recognize your potential and decide the best career option for yourself. For unmarried marriage may take place in the 1st half of 2014. This year will be very energetic for you as most of you will be involved in lots of activities as well as sports and this year you will be able to accomplish many goals including buying a new house and a new car in the second half of 2014.


The Winner Takes it All!

You may witness dynamic results in your life. Your conservative thinking will save you from major calamities. You will be successful in building reputation in official and social life. You may command good influence among government authorities also. Most of your domestic problems may be resolved during this year. You may discharge your obligations in a most effective manner. Troubles created by relatives and neighbors may worry you for some time. There are chances that you can get some new marriage proposals as well (if you are unmarried) in the second half of the year. You march towards your objectives, especially between April and June, you will have the opportunity to better control your expenditure. You are filled with energy this year and will make a new mark. Your spouse will prove to be supportive. So get ready for 10/10 in 2014.


Work Hard & Party Harder!

This may be a thrilling year for you. With some patience you will be able to withstand any situation. You should cultivate positive thinking and future vision to make your life comfortable. Generally Aquarius people will have foresight which is the best strategy for this year. You may get occasional support from different people at needy times. Saturn the planet of karma makes you more organised and prepared for your professional life, though it will keep a check on your indulgence. Travelling is there for you this year, both for work and leisure. There are chances of buying property and many such assets. Those who are in the creative field, this year will bring various new opportunities for you to shine beyond the boundaries. Placement of Rahu in 8th house would bring many sudden gains through foreign land or politicians especially from July. Towards the end of 2014 you will get great opportunities in professional life. Therefore, the sign of gains will have plenty to fill the pot in 2014.


Change is the Way of Life!

This may be a year of learning followed by peace. According to the transit of planets in 2014, you may be able to accomplish your objectives set for this year. Various opportunities all around may brighten your prospects. It is highly important to maintain your confidence levels and carry on with determined efforts. You may have more control over life towards the end of this year. Jupiter in 4th house will help you to buy a property in the 1st half of the year. Beginning of a new relationship is very likely for you this year, but placement of Saturn, in 8th house, is warning you to avoid lack of communication. Marriage proposals will come on their own and there are chances that some of you will go abroad as well (apart from honeymoon). There will be many social gatherings and you will be making many new contacts in both personal and professional life. Many Pisceans will be swimming across to find the new shores in 2014 strengthening the dictum, that ‘nothing is permanent in life, but change.’

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