How to protect your skin during winter

As fall announces its arrivals with that unmistakable nip in the air, Beauty Expert and Founder Director of Alps Cosmetic Clinic, Bharti Taneja, guides you to the best ways to protect and prepare your skin for winter.

Deal with dryness

As the weather changes, the most obvious change that you notice in your skin is ‘dryness’. Soak in a handful of almonds overnight. Peel them and make a fine paste. Mix a few drops of honey and one tea spoon of milk cream with it and gently massage it on your face. Leave for 15 mins and wash it off. This is excellent in combating dryness along with soothing your skin.

Face it with facials

Regular facials are important to keep your skin looking fresh and rejuvenated during this time. Instead of Veg facials, Fruit peels are better for young skins during this season. Whereas a little mature or ageing skin can go for AHA cream facials that help in skin fairness, hydration and reduce the dryness too.

Commit to cleansing

The change in the season also demands for an update in your skincare kit. Replace toner or astringent with cleansing milk. Instead of directly washing your face with water, you can use fresh milk to remove dirt and impurities and then wash off with water.

Moisturize more

Pick any light moisturizer that easily meets your skin’s hydration needs. For mature skin, collagen creams and serums work the best. Apply them before going to bed and it will repair and rejuvenate your skin as you sleep in deep slumber.

Lovely lips

Lips dry out more easily as they retain less moisture than other parts of your body. Take fresh milk cream and add a few drops of honey to it. Apply for 15 minutes and clean it with a tissue paper. Be faithful about using lip balm. If you want to use lipstick, then first apply lip balm and leave it for 10mins. Now remove it and apply the lipstick. It keeps lips hydrated for long hours.

Pretty Hands & Feet

Owing to repeated washing, hands are especially vulnerable to abuse this time of the year. Keep a tube of hand cream on your desk or in your purse and use liberally. Make your own nourishing concoction at home with rose water, glycerine and lemon drops. Apply on your hands and feet religiously.