I want to broaden my horizons, says Arshad

Flying high on the success of his recent film ‘Ishqiya’, Arshad Warsi isn’t willing to slow down. The actor, who is an established name in the comic genre of films, extended his reach towards serious cinema with his last rustic role. However, Arshad still feels that comedy is his first love and he will once again be seen romancing the genre in his spooky comedy ‘Hum Tum Aur Ghost’.

In the capital to promote his film, which is his first project as a script-writer, the actor spoke to Tanu Talwar and Shivangi Singh of Spicezee.com about his love for acting, upcoming films and sky-rocketing fee.

Q: Tell us about your role in ‘Hum Tum Aur Ghost’?

Arshad: I play a fashion photographer, who by default ends up being a mediator. By mediator I mean that he can see ghosts. He can hear them, talk to them, so he ends up being used by them to communicate with their loved ones. He is a normal guy, who is good at heart. He is the happy-go-lucky kind, who has everything going for him from a job that he loves to a caring, beautiful girlfriend. But his life takes a complete twist when he realizes his strange gift of seeing the dead.

Q: There are speculations that the film is inspired by the Hollywood flick ‘Casper’ in which a haunted house causes ruckus.

Arshad: I can emphatically say that the film is not inspired by any film made either in Hollywood or Bollywood. It’s an original concept. As for the haunted house theory, yes my character in the film does feel that it’s the house that is playing tricks on him but he soon realizes that it’s his own ability to see the dead that is making him see ghosts.

Q: This is the first time that you have written a script of a film. How is it that you took up script writing?

Arshad: Yes, this is indeed the first time that I am trying my hand at script writing. I have wanted to do that for long now. I want to broaden my horizons.

Q: What inspired you to write on ghosts?

Arshad: The idea of someone seeing five people out of which four are dead is really appealing. I started working on the script as soon as I conceived the idea and now I hope the film does well.

Q: Will you be scripting more films in future?

Arshad: Yes, why not? In fact I am already in the process of scripting a film that is an action comedy. It should hit floors next year.

Q: You have established yourself in the comic genre. Are you looking at other genres also?

Arshad: Yes, of course. I would love to do more films in different genres. But out of the ten films that I am offered 9 are comedies.

Q: So you think that you are being stereotyped in Bollywood?

Arshad: Absolutely. It’s difficult to move away after being stereotyped. Once a character becomes a hit, a slew of similar offers are made to the actor. I do not have a choice. At times, actors do not really get the roles that they want to do. Most of them are not in a position to pick and choose. But luckily after ‘Ishqiya’, I am getting many offers from other genres.

Q. On what basis do you give your nod to a film?

Arshad: Script is the clincher for me while deciding a project. Script is the real hero of the movie. It can make or break an actor.

Q. There are strong speculations that ‘Munnabhai 3’ has hit the floors. Are you a part of the film?

Arshad: I have no idea about the film, but yes I would love to be a part of the third in the series. If anyone approached me on this then I am going to give my thumbs up.

Q: Are you a part of ‘Golmaal 3’?

Arshad: Yes. I am going to start shooting this year.

Q: Is it true that you have charged Rs 3 crore for the film?

Arshad: I would not like to comment on that.