I will do the python ad again, says Milind Soman

Updated: Aug 22, 2009, 09:07 AM IST

Witty, lively and extremely good-looking, supermodel-actor Milind Soman exudes an air of ease and goodwill. The actor, who believes in going for offbeat ventures rather than mainstream cinema is scorching the big screen again as a crime reporter in his just-released film ‘Shadow’.

In an exclusive interview with Shivangi Singh of Spicezee.com, the actor talked at length about ‘Shadow’, his relationships, and the controversial ‘python ad’ with Madhu Sapre.

Shivangi: What made you take up ‘Shadow’? Where have you been all this while?

Milind: Every time I take up a film, I make sure that it has an enjoyable theme and it is different from what I have been doing. I also take into consideration the people I work with. I have been doing quite a number of assignments all this while. I have been doing Tamil films, Marathi films and another Hindi film. I do not want to limit myself to films of a particular language, that’s why I go for films of different languages also. I have done a Japanese film, a French film too!

Shivangi: What’s different about your film ‘Shadow’?

Milind: The great thing about the film is that it has a message both on-screen as well as off-screen. The producer of the film and the protagonist Naseer Khan is blind. The film gives a very strong message that in spite of disability you can achieve what you want to.

Shivangi: ‘Shadow’ belongs to which genre?

Milind: It’s a mystery thriller. It’s a very entertaining and unpredictable film. A spate of murders is happening in the city and there are no clues, no leads although the assassin is all over the place. I play a crime reporter in the film.

Shivangi: How was it working with debutante actor Naseer Khan?

Milind: (Laughs) Working with him was terrible! On a serious note, Working with Naseer was an inspiration in itself. When I first met him in context of the film - I think in the middle of the night in Hyderabad- we hit it off immediately and chatted till 3. I was mesmerized by his energy level. He is an inspiration for everyone. It’s difficult to meet anybody like him.

Shivangi: Who do you think is the most promising actor amongst the newcomers?

Milind: All of them are very good. But one thing that I have noticed is, unlike actors like Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, or even Shah Rukh Khan who had different styles rather than personalities, the current generation actors like Ranbir and Imran have great personalities but do not have different styles.

Shivangi: What is your take on contemporary actresses?

Milind: I must say that contemporary actresses are very promising and talented. Priyanka Chopra is an amazing actress. Even Kangna Ranaut, Shahana Goswami, Chitrangada Singh…all of them are wonderful and have loads of talent.

Shivangi: There have been rumours of you going around with Shahana Goswami?

Milind: Well, they are not exactly rumours; we are going around! Shahana and I are an item!

Shivangi: If given a chance, will you do the ‘python ad’ again that caused so much controversy?

Milind: (Laughs) Yes, if environmentalists permit, as I do not want to hurt anyone’s sentiments and if the python still likes me.

Shivangi: Which contemporary actress would you like to do the ‘python ad’ with?

Milind: I am a professional, so I will do it with anyone.

Shivangi: Please tell us about your upcoming film ‘Nakshatra’?

Milind: It’s again a thriller and I am a cop in the film. Rohit Nayyar, who has made ‘Shadow’, is the director of the film. I am afraid I can’t reveal more.