I would like to do a negative role: Krishna of ‘Afsar Bitiya’

Ever since her TV show ‘Afsar Bitiya’ hit the small screen, Mitali Nag has become a household name for playing the role of Krishna - a steadfast, hardworking and independent girl. Riding high on the success of her daily soap, the warm and friendly Mitali has another reason to be happy these days as she has been awarded with the Young Women Achievers Award by the Aadhi Aabadi Group in Delhi. Resham Sengar of Zeenews.com spoke to the young TV actress about her achievements and more.

How are you feeling after getting the Young Women Achievers award by the Aadhi Aabadi Group?

Of course it is a great feeling for me to receive this award and I am very glad. I feel that finally my hard work has been given recognition. I have been told there has been an increase in literacy rate among girls ever since our show went on air. Our show is helping in motivating parents and the society as well so that more such young girls can come forward and independently etch their career path.

How would you like to take forward this new achievement?

I want to work harder and do various good things so that I inspire many other young girls out there.

What are the similarities between Krishna of ‘Afsar Bitiya’ and the real Mitali?

Like Krishna, I am headstrong girl in real life and never give up. Also, I have realized that I have begun thinking like Krishna from the time I have started doing this role. The role has given me patience to accept people and situations as they are.

What are your future career plans? Do you wish to do films or continue with your TV stint?

Every actor dreams of working in movies. So whenever I will get a good opportunity, I will definitely grab it and make the most of it. But till then at least for the next one year, I am happy playing Krishna.

Would you like to do a negative role after portraying a completely positive character like Krishna?

Yes, I would mind doing that. But only if the role is tempting enough. (Smiles)

What do you like about Delhi?

I like visiting Delhi and there are a lot of places here to shop and enjoy good food. I am planning to visit all those places. It is memorable to visit the beautiful historical places in Delhi and it seems that the entire history of India is revolving around this city.

What is your opinion on marriage? When will we see Mitali Nag tying the knot? Is there a special someone in your life?

I do believe in the institution of marriage and will get married whenever I find that special someone. But my busy shooting schedule hardy allows me to even think about that special someone.

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