Krishna, the perfect boyfriend

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What would make all the milkmaids of Vrindavan, abandon their coyness as they hastened to meet Krishna, inspite of prior commitments? What made the very much married Radha fall so unabashedly in love with her Kanha? Why did the princess Meera Bai forsake the world in search and longing for Krishna? Why do poets, painters, artistes make Krishna a dominant theme in their works. What makes Krishna, so irresistible a lover and, a perfect boyfriend in modern times…

Is it because of his beautiful form: The dreamy lotus-shaped eyes, the full mischievous smile, the serene sky-coloured complexion, and the lithe-supple body? Or the numerous unbelievable tales associated with the God: His naughty childhood, stories of his bravery and love, his divine message that sustains the world in form of the Bhagavad Gita?

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The reason behind irresistible appeal of the flute playing God lies in the fact that he embodies love at all levels: Spiritual, mental and physical. He is all accepting, he gratified the ugly hunched-back Kubja’s wish, who was hated and forsaken by all, and transformed her into a beautiful maiden. He rescued 16,100 maidens, who were imprisoned by Demon Narakasur, and married them to restore their blemished honour. Krishna already had eight ‘patranis’ or chief wives but he made each one of them feel special. Each one of the 16,108 wives thought that he loved her more than anyone else and the divine one took as many forms to fulfil their respective wishes. Krishna’s love is such that every devotee is made to feel the chosen one.

Krishna is said to have been born with all the 16 ‘kalas’ (characteristics) of Lord Vishnu, making him the Purna Avatar. He was much ahead of his time, and if we judge his acts by today’s parameters, the moral policemen of our times would be highly alarmed. For example, there is an instance, when the mischievous Krishna steals the clothes of the milkmaids, who were bathing in river Yamuna. He forced them to come out unclothed to beg for their clothes. This instance may seem gross to some but the reason behind stealing the clothes of the ‘Gopis’ has beautiful spiritual undertone. The Lord wanted to rob his lovers off the last shreds of their egos (symbolised by clothes) and to come before him in their true form. The ‘Gopis’ underwent great spiritual experience.

His love for the married Radha, was uncomparable! Their love was such that the lover would become the loved and vice versa, there was no inhibition, no bar, no ego – but a fountain of incessant, pure love. Such reunion of the soul is rare, where one forgets which one of the two he is, immersed in spiritual, mental and physical reunion. That’s why Radha-Krishna’s love is worshipped rather than being termed as adulterous.

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Krishna incited such love in the Rajput princess Meera Bai that she broke all norms, left her family, bore scandalous blames to follow the path of devotion. Her love poetry expresses intense passion and devotion for God, she says, “Jo Tum Todo Piya, Mai Nahin Todun Re, To So Preet Tod Krishna Kaun Sang Jodu Re”. In her view there was none else to be attached to apart from Krishna!

It is said that Krishna perfectly reciprocates one`s loving propensities in different relationships called mellows or ‘Rasas’. There are twelve loving relationships with Krishna but there are five basic love ‘Rasas’. One can love Krishna as the omniscient, omnipotent God, the loving master, the dearest friend, the sweetest child, and the supreme lover. And this last ‘Rasa’, also known as ‘Gopi’ love is said to be the highest form of devotion. It is the easiest and simplest form of devotion. Unconditional, selfless love, and complete surrender to him, indeed conquers him. This is not a fiction but a fact realised by practical application in life.

It is rare to find a perfect boyfriend like Krishna, who is always there. Someone who guides one on the right path through noble thoughts and loves no matter what one is: Ugly, poor or a loser. One does not need to buy expensive clothes to charm him or go to the parlour for a facelift; he just likes purity of thought, mind and action. He is always inspiring and actually makes life magical! A Krishna lover becomes beautiful from the outside as well as inside and life becomes eternal bliss.

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And then there remains no insecurity, no scope of negativity or fear of failure, because of the simple reason that boyfriend Krishna is always there: In faith, in devotion and in love.

He greets the beloved through smile of an infant, music of birds and laughter of a friend. He has ways and means to reach and infuse her with positive thoughts. Like ordinary lovers, he never abandons his beloved, never causes heartbreak.

His life, message (Bhagavad Gita) and omnipresence make the beloved strong in face of adversity and ready to meet all challenges of life. In return of his love, what the flute-player asks for is just sweet adoration.

So, why cry over heart-break, loneliness, and loss of ordinary beings, when one can have the supreme and create an eternal love-story. One may have boyfriends and husbands, but he remains the best lover of all! Jai Shri Krishna.