Listen to your body…..

Updated: Apr 04, 2012, 20:44 PM IST

Salome Phelamei

Do you listen to your body and its warning signals- the precious information that comes to us through bodily sensations and emotions? Often we tend to ignore our wonderful, yet fragile body for work or others, while trying to fulfil our goals and commitments in this world of antagonism.

Remember the saying ‘Health is Wealth’! Nevertheless, we forget health is the most important assets of our life, and pay no heed to our worn-out bodies until we fall sick. As we try to cope up with our hectic calendars, we fail to take note of our subtle body and its alarming messages. Either by negligence or ignorance, most of us get to learn in later or advanced stage of our sickness resulting in huge medical spending, besides others.

It is vital to be careful in our diets because our immune system tends to be less effective at protecting us and we become prone to illness as we age. Hence, we need to increase awareness of our body’s signals and take care of them when we are still young and energetic. When mind, body and spirit are in accord, bliss occurs naturally.

Yet, for most of us working in shifts, it has indeed become difficult to keep our body in equilibrium owing to untimely eating, lack of sleep, etc. Thus, irregular menstruation is also common among shift workers. It has also been suggested that a woman`s risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases with years of shift work. Irregular schedules can cause a lethal effect in our health in the long run. But, it is our duty to balance the things (work, stress, family and health) so that our health and its indispensable requirements are not abandoned.

Considering the fact that a strong and physically fit person consistently outperforms colleagues at work, we should keep our body vigorous and fit.

I am sure nobody would like to have a bad body shape. None of us would like to look too thin or obese, since a terrible body image gives shame and disappointment for many women in particular. But the question is… do we eat the right stuff and maintain our health at its best? By skipping the basic needs of our wellbeing, we will not only fall sick, but attain poor self image.

Interestingly, health can also move you beyond the hype. Recent studies have shown that attractive students get more attention and higher grades from their teachers. Good-looking patients get more personalized care from their doctors, and handsome criminals get lighter sentences than less attractive convicts.

Being attractive can also give you a career boost as good-looking people charm interviewers, get hired faster, and are more likely to do more sales and get better raises.

Daniel Hamermesh, an economics professor at the University of Texas in Austin, measures out the benefits in his book, ‘’Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful.’’ According to his research, attractive people are likely to earn an average of 3% to 4% more than a person with below-average looks.

Yes, you cannot change your physical appearances because it is genetic, but there are a few factors for attractiveness that are under your control such as --- good hygiene, well dressed, attitude, communication skills, body language, etc. Following a healthy lifestyle is one of the key parts to a charming personality.

Perhaps, by adopting a healthy lifestyle, we can also prevent some of the lifestyle diseases such as Alzheimer`s disease, Arteriosclerosis, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease, Chronic liver disease, stroke, etc.

Therefore, maintain a healthy lifestyle and embrace the benefits of good health-- enjoy life, save time and money on doctors and drugs, live longer, above all enjoy better spiritual health and have closer relationship with God.