Love of audience more important than awards: Abhishek Bachchan

Updated: Sep 18, 2010, 12:26 PM IST

Ganpati is smiling on Bachchans: Abhishek

It is Bachchan time in Bollywood again with the father-son duo of Amitabh and Abhishek sharing six National Awards among them (directly and indirectly). While AB Corp’s ‘Paa’ won four awards, ‘Delhi 6’ has won two awards. Needless to say, the family is overjoyed and Abhishek shares his excitement with Shashank Chouhan of

Four National Awards for `Paa`…were you expecting it at all?

Well, `Paa` has won four National Film Awards - Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Make-up and Best Film (Hindi). We were not expecting it at all. We didn`t make the film for the awards. We made the film because we wanted to entertain our audience. We, at AB Corp, believed in the film and believed very much in Balki. So it is very unexpected, but we are over the moon, very happy and very excited.

Not only that, `Delhi 6` has won an award for National Integration. Who is smiling a lot at you?!

I am very proud of `Delhi 6` as a film and very happy for Rakyesh Om Prakash Mehra, the director of the film. `Delhi 6` is very close to my heart and it was a subject that I really believed in - because I believed that the message in the film was very important and that important message needed to be told. And I am so happy that today, the Government of India has awarded the film for the very same message which is National Integration. This is my first round of National Awards ever. So who`s smiling at me, considering its Ganpati time, I guess it is Ganeshji who is smiling on us.

What was your father`s first reaction after getting to know about the award?

He was shocked and very happy. Actually, I was the one who told him over phone that he had won the award and he was very, very excited and very happy and obviously very emotional.

How is the family celebrating the occasion?

Well, we have not got down to celebrating yet because Balki is out of the country and obviously this film would not have been possible without him. We are waiting for Balki to come back and then we will celebrate.

How important is a National Award for the Bachchans- the legends of Bollywood?

You know, epitaphs like legends of Bollywood etc., we do not endorse and do not believe in. We are just humble actors who go out there and do our job, entertain our audience and work for them. Whenever you win an award it is always wonderful to get recognised for your work, but the love and appreciation that we get from the audience is far greater and important to all of us.

As the producer of `Paa`, what do you think went in your favour?

I have no idea. I don`t question these things, I just thank God for them…

Both you and your father have cracked this together, it’s a formidable team. Don’t you think you should work together more?

We love working together and we have actually done a lot of films together and we would love to carry on and work together more often.

What is next in pipeline?

Hopefully lots more work, a lot of work together with dad and hopefully lots of quality work.