Makeup trends for marriage events

Updated: Aug 01, 2013, 16:32 PM IST

Bharti Taneja


On engagement night, the bride should look naturally beautiful. So the makeup should be minimal and bring out her natural allure. After the concealer use a light tinted moisturizer and a two-way cake.Or instead simply use a mousse. For eyeshadow, choose cool pastel colors matching or complementing your dress, like sea green, lavender, tiffany blue or babypink. Highlight under your brow with golden or silver highlighter to go with your dressand brighten up your eyes. Line your rims with eyeliner and kohl pencil and get voluminous lashes with a double coat of mascara.

Swipe a blusher like pretty pink or placid peach across the apple of your cheek to your ear for a naturally glowing look. Pick a soft colored pencil and outline your lips. Fill them with the same colored long lasting lipstick and water proof lip gloss.Go for expressive creative nail art designs and embellish your ring finger with swaroskis, gold, silver or feathers. Keep your hair straight, open and simple and accentuate it with glam accessories.


Camouflage with a concealer and pick a light but long lasting waterproof base that gives you a natural finish. Affix it with loose powder.Go with the ravishing smoky-eye makeup. Put copper or silver eyeshadow and smudge with black eyeshadow at the crease. Blend them well together for best effect. Glint up your eyes with golden or silver highlighter just under the brows. Emerald winged liners and 2-3 coats of mascara for big voluminous lashes will spark up your style. False eyelashes or eyelash extensions can also be used.

Choose a soft blush like baby pink or sleek peach and swipe it across your cheek to your ear for a natural glowing look.Light lipstick and gloss will contrast beautifully with the eyes. Wear your hair in sensual curls that complement your sassy smoky look. Don a blingy hair accessory that ups your oomph and helps in managing them too.


The big night is finally here and nothing short of flawless makeup will do. You need to be picture perfect and HD ready. So spare no expense – go for airbrush makeup, which uses a gun to apply waterproof silicon foundation by spraying it on the face. No touching, no unevenness, no cracks and complete hygiene -it’s perfect for weddings.Ooze sensuousness with well-defined eyes.Use eyeshadow like orange, wine, blue, green or even red or magenta which match or complement your dress. Use silver or golden highlighter under the brows and apply winged eyeliners. Stud the brows or the liner with swaroskis. Curl up your eyelashes with a curler and give them density with 2-3 mascara coats. It’s always better to use false eyelashes,maybe studded with swaroskis.

Choose a bit darker blush to accentuate your features. Outline your lips with a pencil like red, crimson, tangerine or coral and fill them with same colored lipstick. Follow it up with a same colored lip gloss. Use a single round bindi or a line of designer bindis on the forehead. Tie your hair in a trendy high bun, maybe with a studded braid,so that it looks attractive and helps you manage the dupatta easily.

(The author is the Director of ALPS Clinic and Academy)