Media should stop objectifying women: Sonam Kapoor

Updated: Oct 01, 2014, 12:54 PM IST

(Sonam Kapoor in a still from 'I Hate Love Storys')


Bollywood actor Sonam Kapoor has urged the media to act responsibly and put an end to objectification of women. Ashok Kumar of OneWorld South Asia grabbed a quick chat with the stylish ‘Khoobsurat’ star on how media coverage influences society's portrayal of women. Excerpts from the interview:

Recently, you supported Deepika Padukone's outburst against a leading Indian daily for putting her tasteless pictures, and termed the incident as unfortunate. Do you think portrayal of women by media leaves an impression on the society?

I think media is always the reflection of what is going on in the society, and if they (media) are little more responsible in their portrayal of women, may be people too will look at women differently.

How do you think media can play a more responsible role while portraying women?

One way of being responsible is that media should stop objectifying women.

Do you look forward to playing a role in future which could change the way women are looked at in our society?

I think anything that has to do with art, be it a painting, films or a play has the ability to propagate a positive change. Hopefully, something like that will happen soon.

I hope that I get such a role a role soon to showcase that (positive image of women).

You have been in the news for being vocal about various social issues. What is that one issue which you feel very strongly about?

We are trying to fight for the rights of female make-up artists to help them get make up cards in the film industry. At present women are not allowed memberships and are being deliberately kept out of this male-dominated field.

I am trying with others to help women get their due right in this field.

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