Modi emerging as India`s Putin?

Updated: Jun 10, 2014, 17:55 PM IST

Vasindra Mishra

It is not a matter of too long past when the Russian President Vladimir Putin influenced the whole world with his speech in Duma, and now, already, the world is echoing with Indian Prime Minister’s decision to speak to his counterparts in Hindi at the United Nations forum.

Modi`s decision to deliver his speech in Hindi and confabulate with representatives of other countries in our national language undoubtedly reveals his love for the motherland, and thus analogies are being drawn with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Irrespective of criticism from different sectors, Modi has always kept his nationalist deed atop among all his points on agenda. This is the reason why political experts are beginning to see him as India`s Putin. Putin is considered as a nationalist leader, not a populist one who makes policies, just to impress particular groups.

  While addressing the people in Duma in 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin bluntly advised Russian minorities that they should speak Russian and adapt to Russian culture if they wish to live in the country and that, if they prefer Sharia Law, then they should go somewhere else to live. The speech was an in a way an utterance of his deep rooted feeling for nationhood.

The same affection for the country, the people and the language is now being seen in Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who considers India as a Country that is One Unit with One Law, One national language etc, where Nationalism is the only religion, and this national contemplativeness of Modi is making people see him in the image of an Indian Putin.

Delivering his thoughts in Hindi is not just a means of language proficiency but a way to make the Indian language heard on the International platform. Ironically, nowadays, Hindi is dominated by other languages as it is not considered as a language of multinational companies. So today, it’s our foremost duty, in fact it’s the duty of every Indian, to make Hindi, a language known to the world, even if it is not spoken in other countries. 

Modi`s decision of his giving his speech in Hindi at the United Nations forum clearly indicates his deep rooted cultural enrichment from Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sanstha. Modi has been a member of RSS and this is being revealed in his every nationalist decision.

Modi is often considered as walking on Atal Bihari Vajpayee`s footprints and his decision of Hindi speech, takes us back to Vajpayee`s era. The era when Vajpayee used Hindi to deliver his thoughts at every International forum.

This is the reason why India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, walking on Vajpayee`s footsteps, could be considered as the Indian Putin.

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