My designs transcend cultural barriers: Kavita Bhartia

Updated: Oct 26, 2010, 21:32 PM IST

A pioneer in the Indian fashion industry, Kavita Bhartia enthralled audience at yet another blistering season of the Wills India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011. Her collection was an ensemble of ethnic history of Indian culture and contemporary casual styling.

In a free-wheeling chat, Kavita shares her thoughts on fashion and her source of inspiration behind her collection for this year’s show with Bikas Bhagat of

Q. What do you have to say about your collection showcased at this season’s WIFW? What was the inspiration behind your designs?

A. Well, this time it’s a trans-cultural amalgamation, more of a fusion fashion between the contemporary and the traditional. I have always been intrigued by the craftsmanship of the artisans of India and the precision with which they carry out their handiwork is simply stupendous.

This year, through my collection, I have decided to highlight the indigenous creations with an intention to offer an ode to the real masters, who in a way were fundamentally responsible for the very genesis of modern fashion India as we see today.

Q. Tell us about your clothing line, designs and fabrics.

A. In my present collection there is a play of colours, fabrics, prints and embroidery. The collection is elegant with an irrepressible sense of fun and celebration. My clothing line offers mainly dresses, tops, tunic and jackets, which promote the use of textiles made through techniques and procedures that do not harm the environment.

Q. How apt a platform is Wills India Fashion Week to showcase your designs?

A. Well, I would say that Wills India Fashion Week has evolved over the years. As you can see the participation has increased. With WIFW’s global diversification, many designers from different parts of India have got a wonderful platform to showcase their unique style that eventually helps in placing the brands at par with some of the finest designers of the world.

Q. Do you think India as a fashion destination could achieve the same status as that of Paris, Milan, etc.?

A. Absolutely. Indian fashion is going places. You see every designer has a distinct style of creation. Influx of fashion events helps in carving a niche for the talent which remained untapped until now. As I have always said, the way forward for Indian fashion is collaborations and strategic tie-ups that help overcome geographic barriers and establish it internationally. I am glad now that the wheel is rolling.

Q. How do you keep yourself abreast with the latest trends in the global fashion circuit?

A. Reading magazines, internet and I have an eye for projects which try to transcend cultural and geographical barriers. I have tried to incorporate novel concepts in my present collection. I like travelling – I think there can be no better way to keep yourself abreast with the latest fashion trends than to venture out to some hot travel destinations all by your self.

Q. What will be your style statement for this season?

A. With my collection I appeal to make brand India proud. People must seriously think about providing better environment for the next generation. As the face of Indian fashion is changing rapidly and becoming more global, hence the designs, cuts and embroidery on silhouettes will be contemporary in the current season.

Q. Who do you consider as the most stylish Bollywood celeb?

A. I think Deepika Padukone is very stylish. She can carry off a traditional dress with equal élan as a modern outfit.