Novak Djokovic enjoyed playing in IPTL, wishes to come back

Updated: Dec 10, 2014, 22:58 PM IST

The spectators, over 10,000 in number, at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in the national capital were all excited. The supporting staff tried their best to convince everybody to get back to their seats as the match of the tournament was about to start. While some of the fans were still keen to get their selfies clicked, the serious ones didn't want to miss a single moment as they had been waiting for that one contest – Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer.

The World No. 1 gave the Delhi crowd entertainment worth their money as he displayed his sheer class against World No. 2 Roger Federer in their men's singles encounter.

Playing for the UAE Royals, the Serbian gave a neck-to-neck fight to the Swiss, who was clearly the crowd's favourite as he was leading the local franchise Indian Aces. Even though Djokovic won the match, the crowd had witnessed something to cherish forever as two world class players treated them with gruelling tennis for almost half an hour.

Djokovic found the much-awaited tournament fun to play in, however suggested there was scope for time management rather than rushing the players and their teams.

"It all happens very fast so it's a little bit strange for the players and the court to be rushed so much timewise, I think that can be adjusted. Other than that, it's fun," he said.

The Serbian reckoned he along with Federer had met the expectations of the crowd.

"Roger and I played great tennis. I hope everybody enjoyed as much as we did playing and now moving into Dubai, I look forward to play more," said the 26-year-old.

Djokovic hailed both Federer and Rafael Nadal and said he has enormous respect for them as it was his rivalry with the two greats that had played a big part in his success over the years.

Talking about the rules of the tournament, Djokovic said it was great to have fun and play good tennis at the same time.

"It was great because the atmosphere isn't like the usual official tennis tournament atmosphere. Many things are allowed which are not part of the rules in the tour. So you can have fun while still playing some good tennis. Crowd got into it, obviously. It was a great match between two best teams of the league, kind of building the atmosphere up to the last match and Roger and I went up to the last point. It was great. I enjoyed it though I didn't have much of the practice since I came from a holiday. But it’s been few great days in India and I really wish to come back," the seven-time Grand Slam champion stated.

Nole was recently blessed with a child 'Stefan,' when his wife Jelena gave birth to a baby boy. When asked if he had some suggestions for his old friend Andy Murray, who is about to get hitched later in the year, Novak chuckled and said, "Andy, if you are watching this, good luck! We are going to be one big-big family on the tour."

Like most of the players who participated in the IPTL, Djokovic was also keen on visiting some of the famous places in India. While the packed schedule restricted him from doing so, now with the tournament is over, he's keen on exploring the country, the Taj Mahal being the first destination on his list.