Pappu’s Love bio-data/Profile

Shruti Saxena

Name:Pappu or Romeo or Majnu or Ranjha

Age: My age is timeless like love.

Languages I speak: Love, Ishq, Mohabbat

Relationship status: Confused???

Aim in life: In search of true love


Cell phone: 143143143L (Caller tune: Every night in my dreams I see you…)

About me: I feel, so deeply, you are my first thought everyday,
I adore you; I love you more every day,
I never really knew you
You were just another friend
But when I got to know you,
I let my heart unbend.
I love you more than anyone,
I just had to let you know,
And if you ever wonder why,
I don’t know what I’ll say,
But I’ll never stop loving you each and every day,
My feelings for you will never change,
Just remember one thing.
I Love You! Kasam se, daughter of Appu

Hey, that’s ME !!!!!!!! PAPPU

A young guy who is sweet and shy, fuelled by passion for love and romance even after suffering innumerable heartbreaks!

A person, who believes in the concept of “Someone somewhere is made for you”. Someone, who unfailingly waits for his true love to bump into him especially on Valentine’s Day.

Destiny has always plotted a dramatically different course for me. Here is a brief synopsis of my love and the trials and tribulations I faced…

Take 1:

I still remember the hauntingly desolate classrooms on every Valentine Day. It seemed as if the whole college was in love, except those grey-haired frustrated professors and me.

I would quickly rush to the library to break free from the feeling that would haunt me and make me realise how lonely I was! Cursing myself and taking a corner seat, I would then flip the pages of my course book and hide myself from the world. But one Valentine’s Day was different! I was standing at the college gate busy weaving my own world of mushy thoughts, when like true Bollywood ishq-style - she bumped into me. Her hand touched mine and our eyes met when we reached to pick up the books. I could feel the piano playing romantic tunes in the background - just for me and my beloved.

Oh! I was so happy. My heart was singing…
“Ishq ki class mein ek aur beemar shamil ho gaya
Aur is baar finally Pappu ko bhi pyar ho gaya”

This was the beginning of my unrequited love story. Oh! She entered my heart like a wind. Her long hair flied across my eyes, her deep blue eyes, asking me to once again give her a second and third glance. I used to talk about her every now and then with my friends in a veiled manner and then smiled when she used to knock at my love-memory gates.

My adrenaline started working overtime. I used to find myself day dreaming wherever I was! I started talking about her with my friends or referring to her in a veiled manner in conversations.

Finally, one day I gathered the courage to confess it to her. I called her outside the canteen and requested for a private conversation (My heart beat going 160, 180 rpm). After a while, she came and we sat facing each other.

So many ring tones…believe me so many bells were ringing in my heart but then I convinced myself and said - Pappu, you have to do it today! I confessed it all to her. Next came a tight slap on my face and I was asked to leave.

Moral: Never confess your feelings to a girl publicly in case you are unsure of her feelings. It is embarrassing guys. My heart broke and I was in no position to face another dose of embarrassment. I went away promising myself not to ENTER the world of love next time.

Take 2

But my emotions refused to cooperate. After a leap of five years, just like they show in our favourite (Yaks! I hate to say that) films, I matured into an attractive and graceful working man in a big firm.

Yet another Valentine’s Day came and given my ill-omened luck, I once again encountered an exceptionally beautiful lady. And it started once again. I heard the piano notes as I looked at her from my seat at the office and the celestial celebration of love, mushy romantic numbers of Bryan Adams came to my mind.

And this time, I did not want to waste time by asking her out for a date and unable to contain my feelings, I finally asked her – “Will you marry me?” And then…came another tight slap on my face and heart.

Moral: Exercising restraint at times is advisable.

Message to all: Even after all those hardships; I tell you, I have not lost faith in true love. My love experiences are so powerful that now I aspire to open my ‘Love Advice Firm’. There are many out there who succumb to the trauma of a broken heart. Not me, guys, I still believe that she will come into my life at the right time.

So, this Valentine I invite all those girls, who believe in true love, can send me a love post and propose me and who knows, maybe you are the LUCKY ONE…!

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