Price rise can be good…

Updated: Dec 18, 2010, 10:48 AM IST

Alexander Rounder

Ok. So, I caught your attention and brought you here. First mission accomplished.

Second mission is to try and convince you on how possibly can price rise or inflation be good when the whole of India is fighting against it. No doubt, it is, perhaps, one of the biggest issues in the country that can even bring down a government. Remember the BJP led government in the national capital under Sushma Swaraj in 1998? Hike in onion price led to their downfall and the eventual enthronement of the Congress with Sheila Dikshit as the Chief Minister. The journey of the Congress has seemed stable since then.

But then, my views have no political links or angles but pure instinct or gut feeling that price rise, in a way, can be good for certain individuals. So, if you are one of those still curious to know how perhaps those can be possible, I bear no responsibility in brainwashing you through this blog. Mind it!

Ok. Let’s get to the point.

(To begin with, this part is called “Cutting down on your intake of heavy food/meal”)

For all those who love to gorge on food (certain individuals, did I say?) of any kind, have weight issue due to the same and wish to give it up, perhaps this is one of the best times. With the cost of almost all food material soaring up, it should give one the opportunity to cut down on intake of heavy meals or food. (I know that’s hard. Ask me but it feels good.) After all, one doesn’t really need to overeat. Right? It’s never healthy, anyways. Ask your doctors if you don’t trust me.

(This part is called “Cutting down on Non-veg meal/food”)

One of the hardest for those who love non-veg meal/food, are addicted to it in a way and have, for long, thought of cutting it down but couldn’t.

If you are one of those who gorge on non-veg diet almost on a daily basis, the soaring price of chicken from Rs. 80/ per kg to Rs. 140/ per kg (varies from place to place) or so should shock you and help you to a point. (That’s 75% increment in the price) With the price rise, it shouldn’t be as easy to afford it as it was before, which will eventually help you to sober down on your intake of your favourite dish, but that would be for your good.

I know chicken is a favourite with many including me but then, what good effect does it really have on one when taken in excess? Nothing practically. Vegetables are much healthier, any day. But ‘m not asking you to go ‘vegetarian’ here. That’s your choice.

(This part is called “Taking a walk or a bus ride”)

Ok. Taking an auto to your destination or work place could be better, more convenient, safer and faster than buses. But you know you are spending more than you should be, in times of inflation and price hike, now that that the auto fares are gone up too. So, take the DTC bus. They have become much safer, convenient and fast, are clean and way cheaper. It helps you save cash. (You like that? I like it too)

And for short distances, say a kilometre or too, take a walk, especially if it is some casual work and not a formal meeting. Walking is good for health, you know that. And you save again for a rainy day. Though the amount might be less, it helps in the end.

(And this part is called “Cutting down on intake of beverages”)

This is definitely one of the hardest parts and I hate it. So will all those who love sipping that chilled beer in the summer heat of Delhi. But to tell the truth, ‘m loving it.

With the prices of beers shooting up about 50% prior to the CWG, it has become less affordable. But personally, it was a blessing in disguise. For long I had wanted to give it up because weekend beers over the years added to my woe of weight problem. So, with the price hike, I was reluctant to spend much on it; after all, it was giving me the opportunity to go sober on beer. And oh! Control weight and ‘m loving it too.

(Finally, this is called the “Conclusion”)

So, price rise can be good in a way for certain people (I hope many more). I am convinced of this fact. Good if your feel the same. However, if you feel otherwise, I’m cool about it; after all there are always two sides of a coin which never meet. But then again, looking on the brighter side of price hike, it can really be helpful for certain individuals to deal with certain personal problems. If you are not convinced, try reading the whole thing again.