No more films with Shahid Kapoor: Priyanka Chopra
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Last Updated: Saturday, January 09, 2010, 20:16
Pyaar impossible? Priyanka gets close to Uday ChopraShe is the current ruling Bollywood diva with a Midas touch. Priyanka Chopra has consistently worked to carve a niche among the top actors of Indian film industry. After ruling the Bollywood ranks in 2009 as the insurmountable ‘desi girl’, this dusky beauty has covered and left behind many milestones and is out to reach for more in the coming year.
In an exclusive conversation with Smita Mishra of Spicezee.Com, Priyanka Chopra talks about the year gone by, her new film and Shahid Kapoor.

How was the Year 2009 for you?

It was fabulous. It was the year of awards and accolades for me. I won my Best Actress (award) this year for `Fashion`.

It was the year of ‘Kaminey’ in which my role was so much acknowledged. Sweety was difficult role as I did not identify even a bit with the character. Although ‘What’s Your Rashee’ did not fare well on the box office, yet it gave me the opportunity of playing 12 different roles in just one film. It gave me a lot of creative satisfaction.

  All about Priyanka Chopra

Tell us something about your character Alisha in ‘Pyaar Impossible.’ How was your experience doing the role.

It was an easy and simple role. Alisha is a modern girl. She is today’s person. The coolest thing about her is her attitude. She looks like she is unattainable. But she is a simple, lovable girl at heart. ‘Pyaar Impossibe’ is a film that you can watch with your family and kids.

How did you find Uday Chopra as a co star and co actor?

He is simply fantastic! During the shooting of the film I got very-very close to Uday. As a producer of the film he thoroughly spoilt me. I am really thankful to him that he gave me the wonderful opportunity of working in this film. After working with him I realized that he is a tremendous actor and he met every challenge I gave him in acting.

What is different about Jugal Hansaraj as a director?

Jugal is a very simple and uncomplicated person. He put his very best in directing us in ‘Pyaar Impossible.’ It was a pleasure working with him.
Share with us an interesting incident that happened on the sets of ‘Pyaar Impossible.’

Oh, let me tell you what fun we did on the sets on day. I along with Uday dived from a 5 storey building straight into a 60 foot deep pool of water. It was an amazing experience you know! Actually we had to shoot in water and we decided to do this stunt for the fun of it.

Bollywood heroines are getting bolder with every film. Do you think it is acceptable as an actor?

I don’t think we should confine ourselves to playing selected roles. Acting should not be bound by rules and lines. There is nothing wrong in being bold if the script demands it. One should not shy away from doing justice to the script by limiting oneself to rules and norms.

You are the leading actress of Bollywood and yet you agreed to do a film which was made by first timers (it is Jugal Hansaraj’s directional debut and Uday Chopra’s debut as a producer and scrip writer)…

Its true. But honestly I was not scared. There is no risk involved when the story is so sweet and simple. ‘Pyaar Impossibe’ is not about flashy bikes and cars or rich landscapes and costly sets. It’s a simple love story where a geek falls for a beauty. The story line was so convincing that I did not give a second thought to it.

What are your upcoming ventures?

I am booked in 2010! I am doing Vishal Bharadwaj’s next film which has not yet been given a name. It is a dark comedy brilliantly written. We have lots of male leads in the film. There are about seven husbands in the film. But I oh…I should not say more!

Then there is `Anjaana Anjaani` with Ranbir Kapoor which is a love story with an interesting twist.

And finally, any more films coming up with Shahid Kapoor


First Published: Saturday, January 09, 2010, 20:16

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