Quick doc tips to ensure safe Holi for you!

Zee Research Group/ Delhi

It’s ‘Holi’ all over, the time for celebration and to fill your life with colors and loads of happiness. But it is also extremely necessary to play a safe ‘Holi’ as the colors might have serious effects on your health. Here is a quick compilation of recommendations by health experts on precautions to be taken before you start playing Holi.

Expert Tips:

1. Dr. Amarendra Kumar, Dermatologist at Dermaclinix, Delhi

• Before going to play Holi, you should apply moisturizer on your skin.

• Use herbal colors and natural colors prepared from vegetables and flowers.

• Avoid usage of paints and varnishes as these can damage your skin.

• Avoid the contact of colors with eyes as it can have adverse effect on eye sight leading to the loss of complete vision at times.

• After playing Holi, while you are taking a bath, don’t try to scrub your skin vigorously as it might damage your skin.

• Try to wear full sleeve clothes as colors will get absorbed.

2. Dr. Rishi Parashar, Senior dermatologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

• Apply sunscreen and moisturizer all over the body as it will help the colors not to stick to the body.

• Protect your scalp by wearing a cap and apply hair oil before playing holi as it will not allow colors to stick and damage the hair.

• Preferably wear dark glasses to protect your eyes.

• Wear cotton clothes as it will help in tossing away the colors.

• Do not allow colors to go inside your mouth as it might damage your teeth.

3. Dr. Verinder Anand, Consultant, Internal Medicine, Moolchand Medcity

• Wear comfortable clothes that cover you up to protect maximum parts of your body from colors.

• Apply oil-based moisturizer/baby oil all over the body to prevent colors affecting your skin directly.

• Apply Vaseline/petroleum jelly around your nails, feet, and elbows behind your ears to avoid color clogging.

• Use a lip balm to protect your lips.

• To prevent hair damage, apply generous layer of oil and leave-in conditioner before you step out. Tie your hair to avoid excess damage.

• Before going on a Holi party, ensure that you have a good breakfast. Try to have salad and fruits during the day that you don’t suffer from constipation.

• Wear sunglasses to safeguard from colored water thrown directly from pichkari or pistols which may lead to burning, irritation, pain and sometimes serious eye injuries.

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