Rakhi Special: Gift ideas for your sibling

Wondering what could be the best thing to gift your dear brother or little sister on the special day of Raksha Bandhan? Here is a list of assorted gift items which would help strengthen the bond between a brother-sister. So make the best of it!

If you have a brother who is the last person on earth to buy himself something as he is way too lazy, then here are few things that you could possibly give him.

Wallets: Wallet is the safest, when gifting it to your brother. It`s affordable, reasonable and comes in very handy. It can vary from shape to sizes and the most assured thing to make your brother happy. You can easily find it from a gift store or fancy shopping malls.

Personalised gifts: Sisters, this time why not give your brother a token of love which you personalise in your own way and add a bit of your own touch to the gift. Like, coffee-mugs with a print of an adorable picture from your childhood, a printed t-shirt, or a fancy custom wrist watch.

Movie tickets: What better way to cheer up your siblings than buying them the tickets of their favourite movie or a show of their favourite play? Free tickets and goodies will certainly lighten up their day. Or if you have a brother who is a die-hard music lover, why not buy him concert tickets of his favourite artist?

Games CD: The little devils that you have as brothers would just love to be gifted a play-station and game videos. Even grown up boys and men love gaming. Men do invest huge amounts in setting up a perfect game parlour.

Junk Jewellery: Most girls love accessories to finish their look. Any funky ring, pendant, earrings will never fail to earn you a hug. So, all the worried brothers, who are constantly thinking of what could cheer your sister up, why not simply buy them these? Any girl, who loves to dress up, would totally enjoy these trinklets.

Miscellaneous: If you have a younger sister at home, then you could bring her a teddy bear, an animated cartoon character toy, Barbie dolls and so on. But the perfect thing would be to take her out to a recreational hub or park and let her have the ride of her choice and see the little angel`s face light-up.