Salman Khan is my favourite: 'Bigg Boss' fame Ajaz Khan

He entertained us all with his witty one-liners on one of the most popular reality shows on Indian television—'Bigg Boss'. Meet Ajaz Khan—the 'Ek Number Manus' from 'amchi Mumbai'. In an exclusive interview with Ritika Handoo of Zee Media Corp, Ajaz reveals who all he likes in Bollywood and what he has gained from 'Bigg Boss'.

How does it feel to be called the 'Ek Number Manas' now?

Alhamdulillah, it feels great to be called 'Ek Number Manus'. When something that you have created is made into a catchphrase, which is used from a small kid to an old man, you feel great. Allah is great and it is my mother’s blessing that has got me here today.

'Bigg Boss' gave you instant fame. Did you get any offers after it?

Yes, it is because of 'Bigg Boss' that I am getting a lot of films today and I got more opportunities to do reality shows on television. I have gained a lot of fame around the world through the 'Bigg Boss' platform, and I respect it a lot. It is because of this show that I have had an ever increasing number of fans and people who love me from all over the world.

How has your association with Ali Quli Mirza been after the show?

I haven’t met Ali Quli Mirza after 'Bigg Boss'. My blessings are always with him.

Did you make any friends inside the house?

Yes I made a lot of friends’ inside the Bigg Boss House. Praneet Bhat, Sangram Singh, Armaan Kohli, Sonali Raut, Sambhavna Seth, Diandra Soares, Gautam Gulati are a few to name. We do hang out together sometimes and also party on special occasions.

You have a unique way of making statements. Is that your USP?

Yes. I love the fact that you’ve noticed that. You can call it my USP. I love to express what I feel through different statements. A few words sometimes express what 100 words cannot.

We know very little about your personal life. Tell us something.

Yes, I haven’t spoken much about my personal life. I have a beautiful wife and a cute little son, they are my life. My mother is my strength, who has spent all her life sacrificing to give us a beautiful life and now it’s our turn to treat her like a queen.

Are you more comfortable playing a baddie on screen, or do you enjoy doing comedy more?

I love playing a baddie and likewise I am comfortable in comedy too. I feel if you cannot perform as a baddie then you cannot do comedy also. We have great examples like Pran, Amrish Puri, Shakti Kapoor etc.

What is the real Ajaz Khan like?

Real Ajaz Khan is no less than a child who cries for a lollipop, if taken away from him. I am emotional and a very sentimental guy at heart and at the same time very strong also.

Any Bollywood projects in the pipeline?

Yes, I have films like 'Love Day', 'Nark' with Pooja Bhatt, 'I Love Dubai'- Ikram Akhtar’s debut, Sanjay Gupta’s 'Mumbai Saga' and 'King' for which I have also stepped into the producer's shoes.

Who are your favourites in Bollywood?

My all time favourite in Bollywood is Salman Khan.