Salman’s homecoming to bachelorhood!

Bhavna Khullar

He is known to have quite a history in romance, for he is one actor who has always been hapless when it comes to love. He’s also one man who really means it when he says that he’s not here to please anyone. The media hates him and vice-versa, as he doesn’t care about what the world thinks when it comes to speaking his mind. His knack of sneaking into trouble with almost everything had at one point overshadowed the audience’s perception of him as an actor, and had gotten him the title of ‘Bollywood’s original brat’. But gradually, ‘being human’ that he is, Salman’s generous deeds won him back his fans’ claim that the macho hunk has a heart of pure gold.

Are they or aren’t they – the answer is ‘they are not a couple anymore’. Yes, Salman Khan is finally over and done with yet another love-relationship (or a mystery) of his life. The actor recently announced a much-expected break-up with his supposedly longtime serious girlfriend Katrina Kaif.

Well, everyone could see this coming. That’s how it’s been with Salman, right! People are even going ahead to the extent of saying that there’s absolutely no shock value to this break-up. It was destined to happen!

As it is we’ve become so used to the famous PDA by almost all the lovey-dovey couples in filmdom, that even if a star couple really chooses to keep it private (as they claim), we’re bound to take it with a pinch of salt. This break-up seems to have been in the pipeline for a long time now, as Katrina was invariably losing her interest in Salman and that was very much visible. However, she’d always been most secretive, rather diplomatic, when discussions zeroed in on her relationship with Salman. But as they say, ‘actions speak louder than words’.

It can’t be denied that Katrina owes her film career to Salman, but at the same time, one can’t ignore the fact that Katrina too has always acknowledged Salman to have helped her during her initial days in the industry. Or may be she could never afford to officially back out of the relationship for the sake of all that he had done for her success.

The fact also is that time and again, Katrina did make it very clear that she surely has a life of her own, and for her, career comes before everything, as she went on to insist on maintaining her own camaraderie with Salman’s foes, despite his much-hyped fall-outs. It is also said that Salman did propose to Katrina for marriage, but she always refused. Well, she apparently claimed that tying the knot would affect her career, but it could well be that the two were just not compatible with each other any longer.

It`s been more than a year since the tense strains of the Salman-Katrina relationship have been the talk of the town, and now, after months of speculations, the outcome of this growing tension, the couple has finally called it quits.

So, once again, Salman is back to his bachelorhood at the age of 44. It’s certainly not a big deal to be single at any age for that matter, provided one’s happy to keep it that way. But with Salman, it looks like the actor always struggles to get it right in love, but sequentially fails.

Many think that his troubled love-life is all owing to Salman’s indifferent behaviour, or his over-protectiveness, or his insecurities or his hot temper that perhaps get too much for the companion, despite the fact that Salman has hardly ever made a secret of his possessiveness for the one he falls in love with.

But guess he needs to get some serious control over his vehemence, for now that the jinxed in love Salman’s constant quest to find a life partner has met another blow, he’s truly become Bollywood’s eternal bachelor!

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