Social Media`s favourite feast- Celebrity jokes!

Updated: Jun 25, 2014, 16:31 PM IST

Ritika Handoo

You touch wood when you reach the pinnacle of success. Quite right! Our celebrities do the same. But what do they touch when their whole identity comes under the unwanted scanner of social media. They ignore, shout, make statements—lastly `deactivate` account. Well, this has been the trend so far.

Amidst the mountain of news that is available on the internet, surfers often explore more than what they desire. The latest fad that our `desi` celebrities are falling prey to is the art of becoming a butt of jokes on social media. From `Thalaiva` Rajinikanth to superstar Shah Rukh Khan—none is spared.

There are jokes and then there are `the jokes`—the rib ticklers that can flood you with tears the moment you read them. Say for instance, the ones on Anna:

“The apple which fell on Newton was actually thrown by Rajinikanth!”

“Stop all these jokes on Rajinikanth.. if gets pissed off he will simply delete internet. #EnnaRascala”

“Time and tide wait for Rajinikanth. These jokes just don`t get old. Don`t they”.

These happen to be just droplets in this huge ocean of Rajini jokes on Twitter land. It`s still understandable when Anna is made fun of but why on earth will somebody put poor Yami Gautam on the chopping board.

But, like they say—you pay a price to be a celebrity. Ask her people! The newcomer found herself in the middle of `fairness jokes`, as she endorses a fairness cream brand.

Take a look if you are deprived of laughter by any means:

“Director always says in the movie in which Yami Gautam is starring. Action, Yami Gautam, Camera”.

“#Yami Gautam is so white that even milk looks black in front of her.“

“NASA is sending Yami Gautam to the space to recharge all their solar cell panels up there. #YamiGautam “

“Humans have two types of blood cells: 1) Red Blood cells 2) Yami Gautam blood cells “

Hold your breath people, this is just the beginning. The tweeples adopt uncanny ideas to poke fun at celebrities over issues that could possibly be not even thought of. Well, we must also give some credit to this astonishing sense of humour and creativity that just pours out like water from everywhere on Twitter.

To come to think of it, this latest fad about `I will poke your favourite star` looks more like a syndrome. This current trend has now surfaced as a form of communicable disease. Remember, when your elders said, “Say sorry after you sneeze”. The fact that you pass on stuff while sneezing can easily be compared to this fad of passing on as you read.

The `baap` of all jokes on Twitter till date remains—the ideal `pitaji` Alok Nath (quite literally). The veteran actor had to come out and say that he is actually enjoying all the attention on social media, thanking fans for their love.

Take a break from work to enjoy these `pavitra` jokes on `babuji`:

Q. Why does Alok Nath prefer La Liga to EPL? A. Because his favourite team is `Real Betis` :D

When Alok Nath was born; Doctor Said, "Badhai ho, Babuji huay hain"...

???? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ???????? ???? ???

“Alok Nath forwards only two types of jokes on Whatsapp: Veg jokes and Jain jokes”.

From `babuji` Alok Nath to yummy Yami and not to forget the famous Neil Nitin Mukesh ones—the killer ones are sufficient to treat your entire family with a dose of laughter—all at once.

The triple fun of `Neil-Nitin-Mukesh` jokes was a step ahead:

Alok Nath: Why have these idiots been cracking jokes on us? Neil Nitin Mukesh: I don`t know. I don`t know.I don`t know.

Q.How to get a hat trick in one ball?

A.Dismiss Neil Nitin Mukesh

What @NeilNMukesh can do but SRK or Salman can`t. Group discussion with himself :)

Neil Nitin Mukesh is always on conference call

Somebody stop! I am sure these were enough to give you a somersault feel while reading. However, despite the fact that these are hilarious in character—what takes a back seat amidst all this is that certain jokes turn out to be extremely rude and insensitive. 

Ever wondered how Yami, Alok Nath or even Rajnikanth (if he ever paid a heed to it) felt? Well, we can`t really say that they were all amused and enjoyed their so-called fame on the social media platform. But, we certainly can applaud the ones who played along. After all, you have to put a brave face even if you feel crippled inside (that`s called acting).

The latest ones to join in the bandwagon and become the butt of ridicule on social media are Sajid Khan, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Tiger Shroff, Alia Bhatt and quite certainly the trend will continue for others to follow suit. It`s just getting better. Touché!

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