Tips for the perfect bridal look!

Bharti Taneja

Indian weddings are known for their grandeur and glamour. The beauty of the wedding traditions and rituals is simply captivating. The celebrations begin several days before the big day. From exchanging rings at the engagement to raising a toast to a new life at the cocktail party and finally, the big day, the bride takes the center stage at every celebration. Every occasion demands a different look, which can easily be achieved with makeup. So, here are the freshest and brightest bridal makeup trends of the season that help every bride-to-be shine through all the celebrations!

Look awesome with Airbrush makeup

Who needs a Photoshop, when you have airbrush makeup? Newest make up technology, airbrush is widely used for photography purposes. With the help of airbrushing, artist covers the face with a smooth, soft and thin layer of makeup without any physical contact with the skin, thus keeping the process hygienic. The makeup is light and free of any speckles ready to be captured by the HD Cameras perfectly.

The fantastic Fantasy makeup

This makeup complements lighter wedding outfits and lets the bride enjoy with zero tension and discomfort of heavy jewellery. Here, the makeup is used as jewellery or tattoos to highlight the beautiful back and other sensual body parts like naval. You can also wear this make up as an accessory on the upper arm or as mehendi on the hands.

Perfect with Permanent Makeup

This can relieve one from waking up and running to grab the makeup bag on the first morning after the wedding and afterwards. It is a specialized type of makeup that creates perfect eyebrows, eyeliners, beauty spot and lip tint. This involves putting on eyeliner, kajal, and lipstick, which wonderfully enhance the beauty of your face. The effect of this treatment lasts for a good fifteen years, keeping you look young and pretty for longer. A quick wash, a dab of moisturizer, sunscreen and blush makes the new bride always ready to go!

Open up your eyes with Eyelash extension

Full, long and curled lashes are an epitome of beauty. Easy to use, Lash extensions give women the longer and thicker lashes they have always dreamed of. What more? One can flaunt lush lashes not only on the wedding but also during the honeymoon.

Accessories with Nail Extension and Art

Every little part of the look including the nails has to be perfect for the special day. Nail Extensions are a great way to add length and beauty to your natural nails. They can further be decorated using some fresh and big motifs with exciting and interesting materials like Swarovski crystals, glitter, stickers, dry flower petals or even faux fur, to provide the ultimate look for your hands.

(The author is the Director of ALPS Clinic and Academy)

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