Top controversies of Pakistani siren Veena Malik

Updated: Dec 09, 2014, 15:15 PM IST

Pakistani siren Veena Malik has yet again managed to embroil herself in a controversy. Only this time, it might take a little while for things to cool off.

The owner of Pakistan's biggest media group, Geo TV along with actor Veena Malik and her husband have been sentenced to 26 years in prison by an anti-terrorism court for allegedly airing a blasphemous programme.

She may have expressed her shock and disbelief over the conviction, but one cannot ignore the number of controversies she courted in the past before she finally settled down with her husband.

Let’s look at the past controversies involving the Pakistani actor:


'Bigg Boss' controversy:

One cannot forget the sensuous and intimate moments that Ashmit Patel and Veena Malik shared in the fourth season of the controversial reality show `Bigg Boss`. They literally took television by storm for obvious reasons. Not the one to shy away from the camera inside the house, Ashmit and Veena were often caught by the inmates in intimate positions.

Post the show, these two were reported to have been in a relationship for a year but later parted ways. Ashmit and Veena came together for a film last year titled, `Super Model` but the movie, like their alleged relationship, bombed at the Box-Office.


Nude photoshoots:

Another controversy in which the gutsy model-turned-actress was mired in was her daring photoshoot for FHM's cover magazine. She bared it all, but thanks to her FHM India's `nude pose` storm , she got her share of limelight.

However, later she even denied having posed for the magazine and cried `foul`. Typical, may we say?


Her relationship with Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Asif: 

The former girlfriend of Pakistani fast bowler Mohammad Asif, Veena had turned the media attention towards her by putting some serious allegations on him. In the year 2010, she made allegations against Asif that apart from having relationships with several models, bar dancers and actresses, he was also involved in match-fixing.

She asserted that Asif's link with bookies was the reason behind her calling their relationship off.


Leaked picture with director Hemant Madhukar: 

Once again, controversy's favourite child Veena Malik did not fail to disappoint. Her leaked intimate pictures with 'Mumbai 125kms' director Hemant Madhukar surfaced online. She, however, rejected them and called the matter baseless, as she is known to have done for her previous controversies. 


26 years prison term:

And now coming to the latest one that has gripped everyone. The anti-terrorism court in Pakistan has sentenced Veena Malik and her husband in jail for 26 years. Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, the owner of Geo and Jang group, was accused of airing a blasphemous programme by Geo TV in May, which played a religious song while staging a mock marriage between Malik and Bashir.

In the episode, Veena was seen dancing with her husband while a group of Sufi musicians sang a devotional song about the wedding of the Prophet's daughter. This, according to reports, has hurt the religious sentiments of people in Pakistan.

But unperturbed by the verdict, Veena has rather kept her cool. In her statement, the controversy queen has maintained that she plans to take the fight for justice and has complete faith in the Pakistani judicial system.

Earlier this year, she had raised a number of eyebrows when she announced her retirement from the showbiz industry. The former Pakistani actress announced that she had quit commercial films and would only take part in projects with religious and social messages as an Islamic cleric has changed her life completely.

But going by the charges of blasphemy, the scenario suggests otherwise.