Valentine Special: Valentine`s Day predictions!

Updated: Feb 14, 2012, 13:37 PM IST

Sundeep Koachar

Aries Women: (Mar. 20-Apr.19) You just might get many Valentines wishes from far off or distant suitors. Long distance friends and lovers won`t forget you just because there may be many miles between you and them. Just keep them secret from each other, ok? So many Valentine`s too little time for the compulsively charming Libra male. Although the real object of your desires seems to be unattainable, there is some solace in numbers. So, expect a lot of Valentines wishes!

Taurus Women: (Apr. 19-May 20) The Mars energy while it might make you feel very potent and passionate, it will not go over well with the opposite sex. As much as you would like to, the aggressive approach will not work on this Valentine`s Day. Even if you are feeling that you must pursue the object of your desire`s affections. It`s better to let them pursue you. Scorpio is indecisive right now as to who their Valentine really is. Sure there are plenty of takers but, you may not be feeling "in Love". Many Scorpio males are still in healing mode from past loves. Still expect quite a few Valentine`s wishes.

Gemini Women: (May 20-Jun. 21) You may be feeling very passionate and extremely romantic this Valentine`s Day. Your cards and wishes are gushy and flowery, but, don`t be disappointed if your lover can`t put his words on a card or say things the way you can, few can right now! there`s this expectation of you to give expensive gifts. That kind of shallowness may have you feeling that the holidays are not meaningful and have become just another excuse to spend money. Don`t worry shortly you will be getting back everything you have put into your relationships.

Cancer Women: (Jun. 21-Jul. 22) If you are not with your significant other today, or things are not as loving as you`d like them to be because of recent upsets, make the extra effort to kiss and make up. Valentine`s Day is an excellent time to ask for and give forgiveness. Your significant other may go all out to make this a special day for you. The shy and humble he-goat might be surprised and tickled to have so much attention shown to him!

Leo Women: (Jul. 22-Aug. 23) If you had been waiting to hear your lover say wonderful things to you and pour his heart out to you, it will happen this evening. Keep your Valentine`s simple and sweet to your significant other and say something you`d thought about saying but, haven`t! Past lovers come out of the woodwork this Valentine`s Day. Expect some surprise Valentine`s from women you haven`t heard from in a while. They messages may not be romantic so, you may have to read between the lines!

Virgo Women: (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) After a heated fight it`s always more tantalizing to kiss and make up, especially on Valentine`s Day. Lucky for you Valentine`s Day is here and will provide you the romance you need to win a lover back! Reach out to ex`s and anyone you would like to mend bridges with! Lots of surprises await the men born under this sign. You should receive lots of outpouring from female admirers you didn`t even know you had. Expect the unexpected in a surprise Valentine`s Day card with someone you didn`t know liked you... that way!

Libra Women: (Sep.22-Oct. 23) This Valentine’s day you may be surprised by two Valentines! There`s a strange stirring right now with Aries Females. A small still voice inside is suggesting that what you really need to be fulfilled is a man who understands you not, a strong sexual man who comes on too strong. Both men may be around you right now. Choice between 2 flirtations comes to a stop next month when you make your final decision. This Valentine’s Day you may get just what you have desired... to be put on a pedestal by your one true love. After all you have been through recently, a love that is deep and lasting with someone who respects you is in order. A surprise Valentine from someone you work with may surprise you!

Scorpio Women: (Oct. 23-Nov.22) There`s a certain amount of trepidation and fear as you wonder this Valentine`s Day how the apple of your eye will respond or react to your Valentine`s surprise! Keeping emotions under control when your heart is on the line is a difficult thing to balance now days. With work or business obligations and responsibilities getting in the way of your love life lately, Valentine`s Day could be a pleasant surprise with maybe more than one Valentine`s Day card or phone call coming through!

Sagittarius Women: (Nov.22-Dec. 21) The Man in your life is going through a lot right now. Make your Valentines extra special by keeping it simple and light hearted. Avoid heavy talks of love and romance; he simply will not be interested! Lighten up and put on a cheerful face, as the pressure and anticipation you put out, will affect many around you. Dreaming of someone else can of course cause conflicts in your current relationship. This Valentine`s Day could have you not really being sure what, no less who you desire or how you really feel. Take your time, things will clear up!

Capricorn Women: Dec. 21-Jan. 20) All work and no play! How could you have forgotten it was Valentine’s Day! Last minute e-cards may be in order here! Ex Boyfriends and lovers could attempt to get in touch today with surprise communications! You may here from everyone, except the object of your desires. The love of your life right now might not have any time for romance. Your attractions recently could be high powered types that unfortunately for the sentimental male crab are leaving you high and dry! Don`t sulk or get moody, romance improves with communication!

Aquarius Women: (Jan 20-Feb. 18) Virgo`s can be chameleons now. You can be whoever you want to be, a sexy vamp or a romantic puppy dog. Intrigue your Valentine by changing gears a little. You will WOW the opposite sex. Set aside your grumpiness and be who and what you want to be! Avoid the tendency to think that Valentine`s Day doesn`t matter and that your lover won`t mind if you don`t do anything. She does and it will matter. A gesture from your heart to hers will provide you and her with memories for a long time.

Pisces Women: (Feb. 18-Mar.20) Passions could run deep this Valentine’s Day. Finally you may be getting exactly what you wished for, now decide if you want him after all! Your attraction level could be at an all time high, and you may be receiving more than one Valentine`s wish! 2 Valentines cards may be in order here. After painful nights spent all alone, many Leo`s are now getting the 2nd chances they longed for. It just doesn`t seem to be everything your had hoped for. Do you stick with your tried and true Valentine or move on to a new Valentine?