Valentine’s Day 2013: Kartik Tiwari and Nushrat Bharucha on love and romance – unplugged!

By Ananya Bhattacharya | Last Updated: Feb 13, 2013, 21:01 PM IST

Kartik Tiwari and Nushrat Bharucha, whose latest film ‘Aakash Vani’ dealt with love and romance, have certain commonality when it comes to the idea of love, and yet hold different views on the emotion. During Valentine’s week, as love is heavy in the air, Ananya Bhattacharya of speaks to the new stars about love, mush and a lot more. While Nushrat places a lot of importance on being romanced in the old school sort of a manner, Kartik wants love to be unconditional – and both hope that they’d find their ‘special someone’ someday. Snippets from the conversation:

You are just out of a romantic film, ‘Aakash Vani’. What exactly is your idea of love and romance?

Nushrat: My idea of romance is pretty much old school. I want someone to flirt with me in a classy manner – with shayaris and ghazals and the like; someone who would want to do anything for me; who would take me out on dates; pick me up, a red rose in hand – someone who’d make me blush with sweet nothings! Love, for me, takes a long time to develop. One needs to know everything about the other person in order to love that person completely. It is a sacred, special emotion. I’m still searching for that special person with whom I’d want to spend all February 14s – when I find him!

Kartik: Love... I don’t believe in love at first sight. If I’m in love, it would be with a person with whom I wouldn’t be bored. The person should have a strong sense of humour and one who will trust me. And yes, will be possessive, too! (adds with a laugh)

What would you want your partner to be like?

Nushrat: Someone who can trust me for all that I am; someone who wouldn’t judge me for all that I am... Someone who can mix his world with mine and who would make an effort for that sort of an amalgamation to happen!

Kartik: For me, unconditional love is what matters. Someone who’d not be very materialistic; who’d possess a matching IQ and wavelength – and sense of humour – that’s what I really want in a person! I value brains a lot more than beauty. For me, a magnetic personality matters the most.

Any memorable Valentine’s Day that you’d like to share with us.

Nushrat: My Valentine’s Days have always been boyfriend-free! But there’s one incident that comes across as memorable – in a different manner (laughs)! Back in school, two of my best friends were dating each other. So the girl had to go out to meet her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day and had to lie to her mother saying that she was going to spend the day at my place. And her mom sent my friend’s aunt along to my place. So while the lovebirds were busy having dinner and all, I had to answer my friend’s mom’s calls and had to sit chatting with an old aunty – discussing utterly mundane stuff – on a Valentine’s Day!

Kartik: Back when I was in Std. IX or X, there was this girl who’d proposed her love on Valentine’s Day – and I never had any romantic thoughts and the sort regarding her. So she reached a place some 10 kms from my house and called me up – threatening to do stuff if I didn’t go meet her there. I went to meet her – and after a while, I found people chasing us – they were busy rounding up couples and all. So I rode off, scared, on my scooty! That was one crazy Valentine’s Day memory... (bursts into laughter)

How important do you think it is to find time for love in these crazy times of ambition and busy-ness?

Nushrat: I guess that’s what exactly defines whether or not a person loves you. They need to show it through their behaviour or action – merely knowing that the person loves you cannot make you live life. He/she needs to make their love felt. It is all about whether or not a person can be by your side during adversity, during the times when no one else is by you. That is all that matters to me.

Kartik: An actor’s life is a very hectic one. In such tight schedules, I feel you need to find time for the other person. Being in love is an amazing feeling and if I ever fall in love, I would make sure that I always take out time to spend with my girlfriend. It is very important to find time for love and loved ones – after all, it is them who stick to us through our thick and thin!

A Valentine’s Day message for our readers!

Nushrat: Not every single thing is okay in the name of love. Respect, understand the person you love. Don’t kill the Cupid!

Kartik: Valentine’s Day is a very special day... Spend it with your loved ones, have a really romantic day. Celebrate the day to the hilt – in a romantic way!