Valentine’s Day: What are Jimmy Sheirgill and Randeep Hooda up to?

Ananya Bhattacharya

While one of them candidly confesses that he doesn’t really know what love means, the other has been in a solid relationship for almost half his life. Off screen, the ‘Saheb’ (of ‘Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster) – Jimmy Sheirgill, has found love in his wife of twelve years. And the ‘Gangster’, Randeep Hooda, feels love is too hard to describe.

Says Jimmy, “I married the girl I was in love with. We dated for about five years and then tied the knot back in 2001… I’ve spent about twenty years – half my life – with her. I guess that says a lot about my concept of love!”

Asked what it is that he desires the most in a partner, Sheirgill replies, “I feel the most important part of a relationship is to be able to be the best of friends and understand each other. A relationship where one doesn’t really need to hide things from his/her partner, where both can speak their minds out – is what is the most necessary. One has to be able to understand the times when his/her partner is low and be able to ask what’s wrong with him or her, rather than saying that they are not behaving in a proper manner. In a relationship, in the long run, one needs to be ready for small compromises. There are times when I’m not able to spend time with my family, for example. I try and balance it when I have the time.”

The ‘Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster’ star feels that it is necessary to celebrate every single day as Valentine’s Day. He doesn’t want to wait for one single day in a year to profess and show his love for his beloved. Says Sheirgill, “Whenever I get time, I treat that day as Valentine’s Day – instead of waiting all year long for February 14!”

Randeep Hooda, meanwhile, doesn’t really believe in the concept of Valentine’s Day. “I feel Valentine’s Day is a huge marketing gimmick – wherein companies which sell greetings cards, soft toys and other such gifts make money. It all boils down to solid economy!” laughs the actor.

For Jimmy, striking a balance between work and relationship is something that is extremely necessary. “I feel it is required to strike a perfect balance between work schedules and spending time with loved ones and family. At the same time, a person in a relationship needs to understand that their partner might be busy and hence, whatever moments one is able to steal from the crazy schedules, one can spend on their partner!”

Randeep Hooda, on the other hand, feels that love is an emotion that is extremely hard to describe. “I envy people who know the absolute kind of love,” says the actor.

“Love is a beautiful feeling that brews between two people and something that is never constant. In a relationship where one is able to discover new meanings – love comes across as that kind of something for me,” candidly adds Hooda.

Diverse viewpoints, different concepts of love – on Valentine’s Day this year, Jimmy Sheirgill and Randeep Hooda have one thing in common – work! While the former is busy shooting for ‘Bullet Raja’ and promoting his upcoming ‘Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster Returns’, the latter is spending time sandwiched in between Aditi Rao Hydari and Sara Loren – promoting ‘Murder 3’!