We will achieve double digit growth in next 4 years: Amit Shah


Updated: Dec 15, 2014, 16:41 PM IST

In an exclusive interview with Zee Business Editor, Amish Devgan, BJP president, Amit Shah talks about various reforms taken up by the Narendra Modi government, efforts to bring back black money among other things. He also assured that India will be at a different level of growth in the next five years. Following are the excerpts from the interview: 

Q: It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman. Similarly, behind every sucessful PM there is a strategist. Are you the same strategist who is the wind beneath Mr. Modi's wings and who lead him to gain 73 seats in a state like UP and after 30 years a single party gained unprecedented majority?

Ans: No, it's not me. There are thousands of BJP supporters who work at the ground level who have lead our party to this unprecedented victory and we have been able to achieve the miraculous number of 280. Moreover, our honorable PM has established that under a multi-party democratic system too, a welfare state can lead the state. He has broke this suspicion in Gujarat and that is the reason, we are here today.

Q: Till when do you feel is governance with economic growth possible?

Ans: Indeed it is achievable. In fact, governance and economic growth complement each other. I can assert that five years hence, you will see a different level of economy in India and indeed an improved social index.

Q: During you earlier rallies, time and again you have mentioned about development as an agenda. Do you think that some people are trying hard to derail this agenda after completion of six years of Modi government?

Ans: In a political party, the protocols are set by the party members but in a government the agenda is set by its group of ministers. So, I don't feel our agenda is ever going to get derailed till the time there is substantial amount of clarity in the minds of our people.

Q: You are planning to announce 25th December, which is the birth day of Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee as "Good Governance" day. What is the whole concept behind it?

Ans: After 1947, every party that has been in power in the country has tried to implement its own fundamentals to lead the country. But now, we have decided to take all the positives from each model, be it Communist ideas, the Congress way of functioning and now after 1968 BJP's model of functioning. We will hold seminars in every state, whereever BJP party is at the helm of affairs. We will evaluate all the models of governance and take all the positives from each models.

Q: But, Congress alleges that your mantra of "Minimum Government, Maximum Governance" is fake as you have increased the size of your cabinet within 6 months.

Ans: No, it is not about numbers but the interference. In our country the job of the government is to formulate policies and its implementation rests with the administration. So, to avoid any partiality in policy implementation, we have adopted the "Minimum Government , Maximum Governance" model. The opposition got it completely wrong.

Q: Your government is talking about "Make in India and Digital India". Do you feel we can achieve a target of double digit growth any sooner now?

Ans: What we have inherited from the previous regime is not hidden from anybody. Be, it Current Account Deficit, state of the economy or country's GDP. We believe that within these six months we have been able to build a high level of confidence in India Inc. as well as the citizens of this country and I can assert that within 4 years we will achieve the level of double digit growth.

Q: Sir, do you feel blessed. At such record levels of drop in crude prices, there can't be a better point of containing the inflation. Congress says that BJP has simply been blessed with good fortunes.

Ans: Indeed, God, too, bestowes his love on good people!

Q: GST has been the most important topic of discussion. The previous government was not serious about its implementaion and the present government is too new to be able to implement the same. Your reaction.

Ans: I believe that we will be able to implement it by the end of April 2016 across the nation.

Q: Sir, do you believe that you will be able to achieve your mission in J&K or is it going to be tough?

Ans: We can't consider J&K like other states of the country. A responsive and responsible government has to devise and implement focused politico-economic strategies in J&K as both are incongruent and not in sync with other sattes of the country. I am confident that BJP will emerge as the largest party in the state and will form the government too, not only in J&K but also in Jharkhand and Delhi.

Q: In Parliament it is BJP Vs all. How would you react?

Ans: We are here to run the country in a professional manner. I don't want to comment on the opposition at this point and in this forum.

Q: Both in Maharashtra and Haryana, you adopted a strategy of going single or I must say, "Ekla Chalo Re". How confident were you at that point of winnig the elections?

Ans: Yes, we were! However, we never wanted to part ways with Shiv Sena and even after breaking ties with them we were aware that our party is going to get the majority. But we have been the biggest gainer out of that.

Q: You had recently made a comment that whereever Rahul Gandhi is present, it is a gain for the BJP. Do you feel this way Congress is making easier inroads for you?

Ans: In the past 10 years the Congress has created a lot of unrest in the country by the way of its functioning. In fact, there was a time when people had begun to think whether multi-party democratic system will be sucessful in our country. Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh where BJP was at the helm of the affairs had a fairly good track record of governance. I would not like to comment on an individual.

Q: Should India bank upon you that you will get the entire black money back in India?

Ans: We had initiated the set up of Special Investigation team which clearly depicts our commitment towards the matter. However, there have been certain international agreements and legal boundations which are hampering the entire process of getting money stashed abroad in illegal manner. But, I would like to reinstate that our PM has raised this issues in the international forums like G20 etc. to expedite the matter.

Q: Finally, I would like to draw your attention towards corruption as a serious matter. Had CWG and Coal scam not been reported, the previous government would not have been so infamous.

Ans: I would say that we are highly committed to remove the menace of corruption from our country and you will see during our reign there won't be a single instance of any such scams in future.

Q: Sir, what would you like to say on 10 years of completion of Zee Business.

Ans: Top dignitaries and market leaders are present at this forum. I would like to congratulate you and your team on completion of 10 years. The way the channel has been continuously presenting the complex market dynamics in a simplified form and Hindi language to a common man, is indeed commendable.

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