Who is Mr Amitabh Bachchan, asks a naive Auro

Updated: Sep 16, 2010, 19:30 PM IST

Big B was never so cute. With his lisp, stammer and innocence, Amitabh Bachchan as Auro steals hearts in his upcoming movie ‘Paa’. Completely into his character of a child suffering from Progeria, Bachchan tells Shashank Chouhan and Smita Mishra of spicezee.com that his favourite food is khichdi and he will name his next film ‘Maa’.


Q: Hello Auro, how are you?

Auro: Hi I am Auro. I am talking to you na? So that means I am fine…

Q: Are you a naughty and a mischievous boy?

Auro: Who told you Auro is naughty? I am a very good boy. I never trouble Mummy. I get angry only when she does not let me eat what I want. I love Khichree. But she does not allow me to eat it with my favourite pickle; she says it is harmful.

But this really, really makes me angry and I sit in a corner and do not talk to her till she comes to me and gives me chocolate. She also gives me chocolate milkshake in breakfast.

Q: Is it true that Auro is pampered a lot on the sets of Paa? Is make-up bothersome?

Auro: Oh very much! It takes me 5 hours to do make up. The aunty, who does my make up, does not allow me to move even a bit and if I fidget, she chides me. Once the make up is done, I am unable to eat anything. I eat only after the shooting is over.

But every one on the sets loves me a lot. They take care of me and feed me with straw as I cannot open my mouth properly once layers of make up are applied.

Q: What do you do on the sets of your film Auro?

Auro: I do lots of stuff! I chat with everyone on the sets. I play, roam around. But Balki Sir, the director, scolds me and keeps saying “fir se karo, fir se karo”(do it again, do it again) if anything goes wrong in my scene.

Q: How is Balki as a director? Will you like to work with him again?

Auro: Balki Sir is nice. He does not scold me that much, but he makes me repeat my shots several times.

Yes I will love to work with him again.

Q: Whom do you love more, Paa or Maa?

Auro: Hmmm…both! Because if I say that I love one more than the other, then the other one will be angry, naa? But I love my monkey the most. It is a very very big monkey. It is a toy monkey you know. It lives in my room. My Mummy brought it for me. I talk to it a lot and share my stuff with him.

Q: So do you play with your Monkey? Is it your best friend?

Auro: Yes, how do you know? My Monkey is made in China. It talks to me in Chinese. So I do not understand what he says. But I play with him and I love him very much.

Q: Why is your movie named Paa and not Maa, when you love both of them equally?

Auro: Hmmmm……My movie’s name is Paa because…I call my Papa as Paa! But I will call my next movie Maa.

Q: What do you want to become when you grow up?

Auro: I want to become PSP.

Q: PSP?!

Auro: O…you don’t know what is PSP? It is a video game that I love playing. I want to become PSP so that I can forever play it! I will live in it and always play PSP.

Q: You don’t want to become a doctor like your Mom or like your Paa?

Auro: My Paa is a very important man. You know he is an MP, a Member of Parliament. I don’t want to become like him. He does very difficult work which I can’t do.

Q: Don’t you want to become a superstar like Amitabh Bachchan?

Auro: No, I want to become PSP. Who is Amitabh Bachchan. I do not know him.

Q: Is it fun being Auro? Does your disease trouble you?

Auro: No it does not trouble me. But I get tired very soon and my mother asks me not to exert myself very much. It is generally fun being Auro.

Q: Does Auro have a message for the audience?

Auro: First give my lots and lots of love to them. And please, please do see my film.

Now bye to you okay…as I am getting tired. I get tired very soon, you know na…ta ta…


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