Why Bigg Boss will never be the same without Salman Khan!

Updated: Dec 26, 2014, 16:27 PM IST

“I was made to be a perfectionist at everything I did. Everything was more important than what I wanted.” -Dennis Quaid

He is famous in the industry 'gullies' as the big daddy of all Khans. The show is a 'baap' of reality shows on television. When Salman Khan comes on 'Bigg Boss' as a host—it's a win-win situation for viewers. With your lips sealed and eyes drooling over the host, you just can't think of anybody else between 9-10 pm every night.

Bollywood's dashing 'Dabangg' made his impressive debut as the Bigg Boss host in October, 2010. This was the time when Salman's stardom had picked up pace, and he had regained his lost sheen.

The actor, who was always popular among the masses despite delivering not-so-hit films such as 'Veer', 'Yuvraj', 'Main aur Mrs Khanna' and the like, came as a breath of fresh air on the reality show. Sallu's successful four years as the host, have made him synonymous with the show itself. It gets really difficult to imagine 'Bigg Boss' but without the charm and cheek of Khan. What will happen? Will Farah Khan be able to do justice? Is it a good decision to let go of 'Bhai'? Eventually, it all comes down to the fact that viewers will miss Salman Khan!


Well, the very fact that Salman is busy with his film commitments in the month of January and isn't available in Mumbai to shoot the remaining episodes may be an indicator that he may not even host the entirety of the next season. There might be a possibility that the makers of the show want to see how the audience responds when choreographer-turned-filmmaker Farah Khan replaces Salman as the host for the remaining weeks.

Maybe Farah will do a great job and people will like her — then Sallu bhai might just bid goodbye to the show, or maybe I am reading too much between the lines. Anything is possible! Having said that, the trouble lies in the fact that what 'brand' Salman Khan brings into the show, no one can. So, changing the face of the show might not be a great idea at this point in time (when the show is nearing its finale).

The very suave and macho Salman has his own personal style in which he questions, corrects and guides the inmates. He is the only interface for the people locked up inside, telling them what's cooking up in the world outside. For years, we have seen our favourite Khan get candid on the show and add some elements of fun. His 'bhaigiri' is loved by the viewers, and most importantly, the infectious laughter can make one go wild catching a breath.

Salman is by far the best as the Bigg Boss host—reason being, his straightforward approach towards the contestants. The 48-year-old actor tries his best to console the inmates during their low days, and also makes sure to tighten the screws when housemates indulge in something they should not.

The actor justifies the very reason on why indeed he is called the Khan of all seasons—not just on celluloid but on small screens as well. 'Bigg Boss' Salman, you will be missed as the host-cum-dost!