With 'Jism 2', I wanted to turn into a sex icon: Randeep Hooda

Updated: Aug 03, 2012, 00:06 AM IST

As the ‘Jism 2’ team sauntered from one interview to another, a jovial Randeep Hooda spoke about his experience of ‘Jism 2’ and his wish to turn into a sex symbol with the film. In a freewheeling chat with Ananya Bhattacharya of Zeenews.com, the actor speaks about all of the above. Here are the excerpts:

How much of an assassin did you have to imbibe in order to play the character of one on screen?

There’s a certain alertness and observation that these guys have. They are always alert to their surroundings. That was something that I liked. There were a couple of action sequences, that wasn’t assassin-like. It’s just that the intention, the body language of a guy who is very alert, somebody who is ready for action at all times. That is what I really enjoyed – I did not practice killing people – I’m not that much of an assassin (laughs)!

How was the experience of working with Sunny given that she’s just entered the industry? She’s already conjured up a tornado!

For me, she was like any actress who has no experience of acting, and suddenly been given such a complex role. Yeah, Pooja had to work very hard on her in order to get everything right. It’s very natural for somebody who has no experience of acting, although it was a bit better because she has faced the camera in other movies. But there’s a big difference between those movies and this one. In those movies, you’re playing it to the camera. In these, you have to forget about the camera. That did get in the way at times, otherwise she’s okay. She’s American – that’s the only thing wrong with her (laughs)!

What are your thoughts regarding the amount of controversies?

I’d thought about a few other controversies, but nobody listens to me! Controversies are good, I guess. The censor board gave an ‘A’ certificate to our promos. That was the biggest publicity. We turned out to be a film that releases their promo on the internet and gets about a lakh hits in a day. All these controversies are good, but taking down the posters were a bit foolish – I mean, you can’t see anything in the poster! They could have pulled the poster of a half-naked me and Sunny down, but they decided to unleash their wrath on the other one! But it was a pretty small battle for us to fight. So take it down and be happy. Come Friday, you’ll know!

Do you feel the Indian Censor Board needs to adapt to the changing situations?

Yes, I feel they need to, and they have – to a certain extent. They are now letting go of colloquial languages, abuses. In ‘Jannat 2’, I abused a lot, and they passed it all. A drunken cop would probably abuse a lot!

‘Sahib, Biwi, Aur Gangster’ got you rave reviews from people in general. After that, playing this role, what sort of challenges did you have to face?

‘Sahib, Biwi Aur Gangster’ was a very realistic film with realistic songs. ‘Jism 2’ is not a realistic film. It is a story told thematically, in isolation with the emotion being the most important thing – not the surroundings. In a movie like this, you have to be really naked in your emotions. It is not easy to just stand there and deliver these strong, poignant lines. It was a very challenging thing to do. I didn’t have to face many obstacles; everybody was there to help me. Everybody in the set was there to make me a star. And it took me a long time to understand that.

As far as the word ‘bold’ is concerned, do you think it is more to do with kissing or making out on screen or something about the theme?

The theme, undoubtedly. In this film, we’ve really pushed the gamut – not only in India, in world cinema as well. I’d asked Pooja that I’d actually want to turn into an icon – a sex symbol. She said, “You shall have that, sir!” She has delivered a lot of that in the promos itself.

What kind of expectations do you have from the film?

My expectations? I guess I would want it to get me more better work. The result of any good work is more good work – that’s all that there is to it. I hope this film gets me more bigger, better work and makes me appealing to more filmmakers.

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