World Environment Day: Go Green tips

By Chonmipem Horam | Updated: Jun 05, 2011, 00:11 AM IST

Chonmipem Horam

Humans have a choice to make the planet earth a better place to inhabit. We can sustain a greener and cleaner space by pitching in some simple ways in our daily life. If we care enough for the living, let`s make a collective efforts, as slight gestures on our part can make a big difference. Let`s learn to live as a part of nature and not as a master of it.

Keep our planet green

-Construct a greener home. Paint your home in light hues if you are residing in warm climate and dark colours if it`s in a cold climate.

-Plant trees to cool your home and cut back the Air Conditioner bill. Maintain a garden in your home. Plant vegetables as nothing tastes better than one’s own home grown.

-Use natural light instead of a lamp. Ventilate rooms through windows.

-Reduce the use of electricity. Switch off lights and electronic devices when not in use. Dump incandescent bulbs for more energy efficient fluorescent bulbs.

-Avoid using plastics and opt for paper bags as they are reusable and biodegradable.

-Opt for low-flush toilets to save gallons of water per flush. Try to limit the duration of your showers. Attach low-flow faucet Aerator which cuts water output by 50%.

-Keep grass trimmings in the yard as they decay and turn into nutrients for the soil.

Save environment

-Don`t dispose-off pesticides, fertilizers, oil paints, cleaners and toxic household products down the sewer.

-Use ChloroFluoroCarbon free products as CFC razes the ozone layer which shields us from sun’s damaging UV rays.

-Use solar energy for running small electrical devices.

-Buy recycle items. Utilise reusable containers for storing foods instead of foils or plastic wraps.

-Realise the threats to ocean life. Sanitise the shore as oceans supply earth with oxygen, moisture and weather patterns.

-Don`t release helium balloons in the air as this can choke sea turtles, whales after ingestion and can disrupt other marine creatures` habitation in the sea.

Eco alternatives

-Substitute paper cups, plates and napkins with ceramic, washable and re-useable items.

-Re-use envelopes, gifts wraps and other items whenever feasible. Make and give green gifts from recycled products.

-Switch your dependability on newspapers to online news.

-Go for organic cleaning products like vinegar, borax, baking soda etc.

-Cut down on junk mails and help shrink the clutter in your mailbox.

-Opt for matches instead of lighters as they are predominantly made out of plastic and packed with butane fuel.

-Go for e-ticket and cut the cost of money by going paperless. Pay bills online.

-Go for rechargeable batteries.

-Pick technologies that use least electricity, fuel and solvents.

-Use a laptop instead of desktop computer as it consumes 80% lesser energy.

Control pollution

-Educate and create awareness among people about the health hazards responsible for many diseases.

-Mull over buying a fuel-efficient or hybrid car. Accept public modes of transport like metro trains and buses or carpool to save avoidable petrol consumption and gas secretions in the air.

-Prohibit smoking inside the home or office.

-Regularly get rid of the dust particles from the room for clean indoor air.

-Stay away from using fire-crackers.

-Burn only seasoned wood as it burns cleaner than green wood. Compost dried leaves and kitchen waste instead of burning it.

-Use solar cooker to cook meals.

-Choose non phosphate or low phosphate detergents as high phosphate levels in lakes and streams can kill fish and other wildlife.