Cristiano Ronaldo cut shorts interview when questioned on retirement

The Juventus star was reportedly provoked over a question about retirement on a Chinese talk show. 

Cristiano Ronaldo cut shorts interview when questioned on retirement
Pic Courtesy: Reuters

Cristiano Ronaldo ended an interview with a Chinese talk show host on Friday after he was reportedly provoked with question about his retirement.  

As per a post by an interpreter on micro-blogging website Sina Weibo, the Portuguese star, who was in China on a promotional tour, said he was at his peak before he was asked about his plans on retirement to which Ronaldo asked his assistant to end the interview early.

But when host Gao Xiaosong requested time for a final question, a member from Ronaldo’s crew cursed at the host, the interpreter wrote. The post was later deleted. 

However, Gao denied the claims on Weibo. 

Gao further stated in a post that his team had submitted all the questions to Ronaldo’s crew for pre-approval and the crew had no objections at the time. Gao also lamented that Ronaldo had arrived over an hour late. 

Ronaldo’s Chinese translator wrote on host Gao’s account that was not the right person to interview the Juventus star and said that Ronaldo would have been more accommodating and patient if the channel had assigned an attractive female for the job. 

While writing back to the comment, Gao called for the translator’s integrity towards the star and asked the translator to be ethical in his profession. 

It was not the first time that Ronaldo had cut short an interview

He had left a Los Blancos press conference in Rome after over question on Real Madrid rivals Barcelona in 2016 and walked out of a CNN Espanol interview after he was asked to comment on the corruption in FIFA, in 2015.