Key facts about Facebook Live new Audio feature

Facebook has announced a Live Audio feature that allows live broadcasts of audio-only content.

Delhi: It's good news for broadcasters and even common people who want to host radio-style live streams without the camera being on.

Book readings, interviews and news radio on Facebook has become simpler thanks to its new Live Audio feature which has been launched with a few publishers and authors.

It will be opening up next year.

Following are some key facts about it:

- It's a complement to Facebook's live video streaming and could bring audio-first content like podcasts to the news feed.

- The first publishers with access will be BBC World Service, LBC, Harper Collins and authors Adam Grant and Britt Bennett.

- Facebook Live Audio broadcasts will pop up in news feed similar to live videos do.

- If someone wants to keep browsing while listening, then Android users can close Facebook and use any other app while Live Audio keeps playing.

- As for iOS users, they can only browse the rest of Facebook with the stream running as opening another app will cut the sound.

- There will be a special option for broadcasters going live in areas with poor wireless service.

- On creating a stream, publishers can either use their Page’s cover image as the default Live Audio image in the news feed.

- Or they can upload a different one.

- Page’s Live subscribers will be sent notifications.

- Broadcasts will have a limit of four hours so radio stations can broadcast their programs, podcasters can find new online distribution for their episodes and authors can do live readings of their books.

- Moreover, celebrities can do a question and answer session and news anchors can broadcast audio from disaster zones or places where bandwidth may be overloaded for video streaming.

- Plus musicians can broadcast concerts or studio sessions.

-  To quote Facebook: "Though we alert the broadcaster if their signal is low, Live Audio presents another option for connecting with audiences in real time from low-connectivity areas. From interviews to book readings, we’re excited about the layer of interactivity that Live Audio brings to both the broadcaster and listener. Just as with a live video on Facebook, listeners can discover live audio content in News Feed, ask questions and leave reactions in real time during the broadcast, and easily share with their friends."

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