Don't let that hard work go to 'waist': Maintain your weight loss with these seven useful tips!

It is a trying and frustrating process and many people give up on it when they realise that they've put on a couple of kilos again.

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New Delhi: It's not easy to lose weight. Those who are going through the process for a long time will know the struggle all too well.

However, you will have to agree that the hardest part actually comes after you reach your desired weight – maintaining your weight.

It is a trying and frustrating process and many people give up on it when they realise that they've put on a couple of kilos again.

However, it is just a matter of following a particular routine. Once you fall into the pattern, you will do those things in reflex.

Below are seven such practices that you need to follow in order to support the hard work you put in to shed those extra kilos. Have a look!

1. Only eat when eating:

Have proper sit-down meals on your dining table and not in your bedrooms. This said, once you start eating, make sure you don't do anything else like watch TV or read a book. This will take the attention away from your food and lead to mindless eating, which can trigger weight gain easily. Eat slowly, take in the aroma and enjoy the taste of your food, while engaging in light banter with your family.

2. Eat an egg or two:

Instead of processed foods and artificially flavoured cereals, try having a couple of eggs instead. In place of all the sugar and fat you eat every morning, consume the goodness of proteins and vitamins that eggs provide us with. They will also make you feel full for longer.

3. Make it a fishy business:

Omega 3 fatty acids are super healthy for the body and fish is an extremely rich source. They are good for your heart, skin, as well as weight loss.

4. Get rid of your snacking habits:

Unnecessary nibbling is one of the worst things you could do if you're trying to maintain your weight loss. Snacking in between meals is a strict no-no, since you end up eating far more calories than you actually require. Stick to a balanced, timely meal.

5. Keep yourself hydrated:

Juices, sodas, smoothies are all loaded with sugar. Grab that bottle of water instead. To motivate yourself to drink more liquids, make cold infusions, for example, add slices of lime and mint leaves to a bottle of water and refrigerate it. Keep drinking it from time to time. You could also sip on antioxidant-rich green teas or home-made juices.

6. Say yes to butter and ghee:

We can already see you making a face at this suggestion. However, butter and ghee are actually good for your health. They keep your veins lubricated for smooth blood-flow. Whole milk also contains many vitamins and only around four percent fat which is not so bad at all.

7. Home-cooked meals:

As much as you love to eat out, we would suggest you to stick to home-cooked meals. They are always a much healthier option. Ready-to-eat or pre-packaged, food items contain chemicals that could have harmful implications in the long run.

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