Five fitness tips for winter!

It is important to remain fit and healthy during this season in order to keep diseases and illness at bay.

Five fitness tips for winter!
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Mumbai: It’s that time of the year when your woollens takeover your wardrobe and you feel like spending most of your time in the warm cosy comfort of your bed. Winter season is back in its full glory! However, with cold, dry weather, comes an avalanche of side-effects!

It is important to remain fit and healthy during this season in order to keep diseases and illness at bay. And hence you must take good care of yourself by doing exercises. By hitting the gym regularly, you can ensure fitness and the power to resist common cold, cough and flu.

In this post, we will take you through five workout tips to remain strong and fit this winter season:

  1. Entice yourself to look better, fitter: Winter season often brings out the couch potato in you. But you have to stop yourself from lying lazy. Every time you feel like cheating, remind yourself that working out will make you fitter and help you look better.
  2. Treat yourself to some healthy, nutritious food: Prepare delicious soups and food to take your energy levels up a notch. A good workout session needs a healthy diet. Make sure you feed your stomach well.
  3. Relax with steam or a shower in hot water: Taking bath with hot water relaxes your body as it helps in regaining flexibility. Post work out, take a shower with hot water or a steam.
  4. The best season to walk under the soothing sun: In India, the best season to travel and visit places is winter. People love travelling under cooler weather conditions. So, if you are someone who loves to travel, you must pump the iron to remain fit and healthy. You wouldn’t want to travel when you are unwell, no?
  5. Buy comfortable warm clothing for yourself: It is important to protect your body from the harsh effects of the dry and cold weather. If your woollens are not good enough, then you wouldn’t be in a mood to move around.

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